09/08/2016, 09.33
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Nobel Laureate Malala: UN, Pakistan and India find a solution on Kashmir

The Nobel Peace Laureate has launched an appeal to stop the violence. Yesterday there were another 100 wounded, in addition to 1,500 in the last two months; 60 people were killed. "My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters in Kashmir".


Islamabad (AsiaNews) - The Nobel Peace Laureate Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani national, has launched an appeal for the UN, international community, India and Pakistan to find a solution as soon as possible on the issue of Kashmir, where mass disorder and killings continue unabated for weeks. Malala said that "the people of Kashmir, as well as other populations anywhere in the world, deserve to see their fundamental rights recognized. They have to live free from fear and repression. "

Kashmir is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan since the separation of 1947. Repeated attempts to establish independence and a latent and tightened conflict have caused tens of thousands of deaths, mostly among civilians.

Fresh protests broke out following the killing of a popular separatist leader who fought for the independence of the state from the Indian Federation. The death of Burhan Wani, a militant of the Hizbul Mujahideen group, who became famous for his exploits posted on social networks, unleashed a wave of resentment across the whole territory.

Malala’s appeal comes after the initiative of a group of imams, who immediately after the outbreak of the violence met Rajnath Singh, Minister of the Interior of the Government of India, offering to mediate between the parties.

Meanwhile, just yesterday there were another 100 wounded, leaving the total of  1,500 in the last two months and 60 deaths. Although the curfew imposed by the Delhi authorities has been lifted in some areas of the territory, the roads are shut to traffic and restrictions on movements still remain.

Schools, shops, offices are closed. In some parts, children can study only thanks to the work of volunteers, who have set up the makeshift centers in their private homes or in mosques, in order to ensure the continuity of teaching.

The young Pakistani activist pointed out: "Many schools have been closed... keeping children away from their classrooms." "I stand with the people of Kashmir. My 14 million Kashmiri sisters and brothers have always been close to my heart”.

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