12/28/2017, 10.02
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Sapna Tracy, pro-life mother who refused abortion to save herself, dies

by Nirmala Carvalho

The woman leaves her husband and eight children.  Sapna was pregnant with her last child when doctors advised her to abort and immediately start the treatment for breast cancer. She received  "Pro-Life Award".

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - She lost her battle against cancer but not for her daughter's life. Sapna Tracy, 43, died on December 25th in Thrissur, Kerala. About one year ago the woman, a mother of seven and pregnant with her eighth child, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors advised her to immediately undergo a mastectomy and radiotherapy.

These medical treatments would have saved her life, but compromised her pregnancy, which was why she had been advised am abortion. But Sapna refused and decided to choose for the life of her child.

The Archbishop of the eparchy of Faridabad, Msgr. Mar Kuriakose Bharanikulangara, says: "Sapna was a powerful witness for the pro-life movement. This Catholic couple was inspired by the testimony of the message of the Gospel ".

Indian Express, among the major national newspapers, reports that the woman had received numerous warnings from the treating physicians that if she had delayed the start of chemotherapy, in all likelihood she would leave the other seven little children orphans. But Sapna answered the doctors: "I can only give life to this creature that grows in my womb. There are many good-hearted people who will take care of my seven other children ".

Sapna, originally from Thalayolaparambu (Kerala), worked as a specialist nurse at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi. She was married to Chittilappilly Joju, originally from Chittattukara, in the Thrissur district. Here the woman, after the tumor diagnosis, had decided to return with the whole family, to allow for the birth of the eighth child, a little girl named Philomena, in the serenity of family warmth.

During her third month, she was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors advise her to have an abortion and start treatment immediately. Even friends and relatives agreed with the doctors. But she opposed the foeticide. "She told the doctors that if her life was worthy of value, then the same was true for that of her unborn daughter", reports Msgr. Bharanikulangara.

During the sixth month of pregnancy she had a breast mastectomy. Only after giving birth she began radiation therapy. Because of her courageous choice against abortion, the Catholic mother received the "Pro-Life Award" from the eparchy of Faridabad. In addition to her husband, Sapna leaves James, 15; Teresa, 14; Jose, 11; Sebastian, 9; Francis, 8; Mary, 6; Antony, 4, and Philomena, a year and a half. Her funeral was held at St. Sebastian's Church in Chittattukara.

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