23 August 2017
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  • » 06/17/2011, 00.00


    Stalemate in Libya amid Italian indifference

    Simone Cantarini

    For Angelo Del Boca, an historian and Libya expert, people are tired of this war and NATO and the rebels have run out of resources. A meeting between government and rebel representatives in Paris is a good sign. After the bombs, a new path is opening.
    Rome (AsiaNews) – “This is a crazy war that is taking place amid everyone’s indifference, especially in Italy. Members of the NATO coalition are running out of money and do not want to continue the fight. The rebels don’t have any resources left, but people continue to die. Meanwhile, Gaddafi plays chess,” said Angelo Del Boca, a historian and Libya expert. Speaking to AsiaNews, he said that Italian and world media are deaf to appeals for a ceasefire and talks.

    “This attitude is due to our country’s economic crisis. However, let me remind you that we have already spent 700 million Euros for this ‘toy’ that killed thousands of people on both sides, violating international law, UN resolutions and the friendship treaty signed with Italy.”

    For Del Boca, signs of a breakdown are visible inside Libya. The rebels have conquered many towns like Gharyan and villages in the country’s southeast on the border with Tunisia, but local sources are saying they have run out of weapons, and just patrol the area. Gaddafi no longer bombs them, despite the fact that his army is still well equipped.
    For the historian, this “is a sign that everyone is tired of the war, which has reached a stalemate, and cannot continue with weapons, but must now turn to diplomacy.”

    According to the historian, a meeting in Paris between members of the government and representatives of the Transitional Council is a first step “towards finding another path other than bombs”.

    “Yesterday,” Del Boca said, “even Saif al-Islam Gaddafi proposed elections within three months by the international community. However, the colonel is not showing any sign that he will quit.”

    Meantime, the US Congress is putting pressures on Barak Obama to justify the US intervention in Libya beyond 90 days. The huge costs of the operation, which will reach US$ 1.1 billion by September, are being closely scrutinised.

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    13/06/2011 LIBYA
    Italy leading more than 30 per cent of military operations in Libya
    For Libya expert, historian Angelo Del Boca, the war continues amid widespread disinterest and unwillingness to pursue a diplomatic solution. Since the start of the operation, Italy has spent a billion Euros. NATO and Arab countries are planning the post-Gaddafi phase, but are leaving out the part of the population still loyal to the Tripoli government. The crisis will not be solved just when the strongman is removed.

    15/09/2011 LIBYA
    Libya’s new govt, a ridiculous and wretched bunch, says Del Boca
    For the historian, the new Libyan government does not add up. Made up of former Gaddafi officials and Muslims extremists fighting among themselves, it will bring few benefits to the Libyan people. It might instead herald the beginning of a power struggle following planned elections.

    22/08/2011 LIBYA
    Del Boca: “Gaddafi wants to become a martyr and will resist till the end”, others fear total war
    Thousands of people loyal to Gaddafi could lose everything with his defeat. The sudden fall of Tripoli was due to growing weariness by the Libyan leader and the population. The country could fall in the hands of unscrupulous characters.

    30/05/2011 LIBYA
    NATO failing in Libya, media hiding the truth, says Prof Del Boca
    For Angelo Del Boca, journalist and Libya expert, the high costs of the No Fly Zone have reduced to nothing any hope to see the blitz against Gaddafi succeed. Instead, the war might last several months because the Libyan leader still has troops, weapons and personal assets worth more than a billion Euros. The president of South Africa is in Libya to try a last moment deal with the Libyan government.

    03/05/2011 LIBYA
    Tripoli bishop asks Italy and NATO forces for a truce out of respect for victims
    Mgr Martinelli calls on warring nations to show some humanity towards the Libyan people and stop biases and falsehoods about Libya and Gaddafi. Yesterday, a son of the Libyan ruler was buried in a state funeral. The Italian embassy is sacked in Tripoli.

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