09/05/2007, 00.00
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Sunni terrorists: fresh suicide attacks for Ramadan

The “Iraqi Islamic State” has announced fresh suicide attacks against British and American forces during the holy month of Ramadan. Little outcome from the Helsinki peace meeting between Sunnis and Shiites.

Baghdad (AsiaNews) – A coalition composed of Iraqi Sunni terrorists yesterday announced the creation of new battalions with the aim of intensifying suicide attacks  against British and American targets during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.


In an announcement published yesterday on an Internet site the “Islamic State of Iraq” [a coalition which includes al-Qaeda] wrote: “Our War Ministry had decided to form special battalions for martyrdom seekers who with God’s help, will destroy the American crusaders and their war”.


The statement also reads, “These battalions, will perform their duties during the month of Ramadan and the enemies of God will suffer a lot. most of the martyr seekers of these blessed battalions will be from the Ansar (Iraqi) brothers”. It is impossible to establish the authenticity of the document, but the site which published the declaration is well known for often carrying the statements of Islamic militants.


In the meantime, the peace conference between Sunni’s and Shiites’ which took place recently in Helsinki, Finland has concluded without reaching any concrete results.  Crisis Management Initiative, which organised the initiative speaks of “of recommendations to start negotiations to reach national reconciliation”. Either way, according to some analysts, “the encounter between the two groups served little purpose, beyond giving an extra boost to the policies of US president George Bush”.

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