04/25/2013, 00.00
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Tokyo announces the reopening of nuclear power plants

The Minister of Industry Motegi: "After the approval of the new safety standards, we think we can start in the fall." The government will be forced to ask the permission of the communities that house the reactors.

Tokyo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Japan is preparing to restart its nuclear power plants, the real engine of Japanese industrial production and closed after the Fukushima disaster on 11 March 2011. The move was announced by the Minister for  Industry Toshimitsu Motegi, who stated that "next autumn, after the launch of the new security laws, we will be ready to re-start them."

The country is one of the largest producers and consumers of atomic energy. Due to the low energy price guaranteed by nuclear technology, the Land of the Rising Sun has been able to bounce back after losing World War II and is currently the third largest economy in the world for industrial production and finance. Of the 50 stations throughout the country, 48 were closed after the disaster caused by the tsunami that hit and blew up part of the reactors in Fukushima.

More than two years after the tragedy, however, Japan seems ready to move on. On 18th July, Motegi explained, " new safety procedures will be introduced. If operators deem it appropriate, we will be able to turn on the power plants in the autumn. We are aware that the law requires us to ask permission of the communities that host reactors, and we will endeavor to get it. "

The block of nuclear power has caused serious damage to the national economy, which led to the collapse of the government and the appointment of Yoshihiko Noda, headed by the conservative Shinzo Abe. According to some analysts, the Land Rising Sun has lost 30% of its potential for growth and is expected to worsen again, given the current prices of energy not linked to nuclear power.


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