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Inspired by the document signed by Pope Francis and Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the first location of the Human Fraternity restaurant chain has been active for a few weeks, providing complete, free meals to people in need. The restaurant “is doing very well" and has had "positive" feedback, aiming to “guarantee food for 5,000 families every year,” said Mgr Gaid Yoannis Lazhi speaking to AsiaNews. Meanwhile, more initiatives are planned for Ramadan.

| 23/02/2024

Francis once again called for peace in a world drenched in blood. He devoted a special thought to "Europe, Palestine, Ukraine", as well as Sudan and Mozambique, where violence is intensifying in the Cabo Delgado region. As Lent begins, he calls on the faithful to devote time to "silence" and "prayer".

| 18/02/2024

At the general audience an invitation to listen to the Word of God and to care for our brothers and sisters during Lent. "Let us pray for our brothers and sisters who suffer because of war". Homage to Card. Simoni - present in the Paul VI Hall - a "living martyr", witness to the Gospel like so many other persecuted Christians of today

| 14/02/2024
by Gianni Criveller 柯毅霖

The three recent appointments of bishops indicate a willingness not to break. But the Agreement with the Vatican is never even mentioned by the People's Republic of China. While a "five-year plan" for Catholics has just come into force that cites Xi Jinping instead of the pope and invokes a "theological foundation" to a Sinicization that in fact remains only an adaptation to Party policy.


| 12/02/2024

Francis released his message for the 10th International Day of Prayer and Reflection against Human Trafficking. In it, he highlighted the example of Saint Josephine Bakhita, focusing on this year’s theme, which is also a reminder: "Journeying in Dignity: Listen, Dream, Act ". This often "goes unseen", but the victims need their “full dignity” restored. Media and reporters play a crucial role in telling the latter’s stories.

| 08/02/2024

At the General Audience, Francis dedicated his catechesis to sadness, inviting us to distinguish between its "friendly" face that spurs us to seek salvation and the "constant affliction" devoid of hope that festers the heart. "Let us not forget to pray for peace: war is always a defeat".

| 07/02/2024
by mons. Paolo Martinelli

US attacks against Houthi targets in Yemen continue. Stalemate over negotiations between Israelis and Hamas for a ceasefire in Gaza. Five years after Francis' trip to the Gulf, Mgr. Martinelli speaks of a "dramatic moment" in the history of humanity and the region. The document signed with the imam "prophetic" in a peace perspective.

| 05/02/2024

Francis appealed again for peace at the Angelus: “let us all cooperate to build it with gestures of compassion and courage!” He also turned his thoughts to the people in East Asia and around the world set to celebrate lunar New Year on 10 February. May this feast “be an opportunity to experience relationships of affection” and “contribute to creating a society of solidarity and fraternity”. On the Day for Life promoted by the Italian Church, the pontiff expressed hope “that ideological visions can be overcome so as to rediscover that every human life [. . .] has an immense value”.


| 04/02/2024

Francis’s message for World Mission Day 2024, which will be celebrated on 20 October, is centred on the Gospel call to "Go and invite everyone to the banquet.” While the world offers “consumerism, selfish comfort, the accumulation of wealth and individualism, the Gospel calls everyone to the divine banquet, marked by joy”. In the post-Covid period, the invitation is to rediscover the Eucharist to reawaken the missionary spirit.

| 02/02/2024

The pontiff's message for the period that leads t0 Easter which begins on February 14th. "Even today we are slaves to a growth model that divides us and steals our future, leading us to grope in inequalities and conflicts." But "God is not tired of us: he doesn't want us subjects but children". The challenge of a community dimension in the path of conversion.

| 01/02/2024

Bishop Peter Wu Yishun, 59, approved by Pope Francis for the apostolic prefecture of Shaowu, without a bishop since the expulsion of Salvatorian Bishop König in the 1950s. The rite - which closes the triptych of ceremonies announced for these days - was presided over by Beijing Bishop Li Shan.

| 31/01/2024

At the General Audience, Francis spoke of a "particularly dark" vice, which must be shaken off immediately without brooding when it leads to the hatred of others. But a "holy indignation" also exists when faced with injustice. The pontiff issued another appeal for the "helpless victims of wars" in the Middle East and Ukraine.

| 31/01/2024

After the ordination in Zhengzhou, a new ceremony was held today in Shandong. Bishop Anthony Sun Wenjun, 53, takes over from the former Apostolic Prefecture of Yiduxian, vacant since 2008. By replacing it with the Diocese of Weifang, Pope Francis has accepted the redrawing of the diocesan borders decided by Beijing.

| 29/01/2024

During the Angelus, Francis echoed the appeal of the Burmese bishops "that the weapons of destruction be transformed into instruments of growth in humanity and justice". He expressed his closeness to St Mary's Church in Istanbul, which was attacked this morning. A new appeal for peace in Ukraine and the Middle East: 'Respect the people'.

| 28/01/2024
by Dario Salvi

Pope Francis promulgated the decree recognising the heroic virtues of the Turkish bishop. For Bishop Bizzeti occasion of joy as "recognition" of the history of a people. His family exterminated during the First World War, but his story "goes beyond the Armenian genocide". Even today those who bear witness to the Gospel encounter 'difficulties, resistance'. After 14 years in February, the Turkish bishops visit the pope for an ad limina visit.

| 26/01/2024
by Shafique Khokhar

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity has ended around the world. Pope Francis together with the Anglican Primate Welby gave a group of bishops the mandate to "witness together to the unity willed by God by spreading mercy and peace". The joint celebrations in Pakistan and Bangladesh: "If we are not united among ourselves, how can we bring others to Christ?".

| 26/01/2024

With tensions running high in the country, the PNG government leaked some details about a possible visit, but the latter has not yet been confirmed. On several occasions, Francis said that he wants to visit, and a trip in 2020 was cancelled. Presently, plans are being worked out, with stops in Indonesia, Timor Leste, and perhaps even Singapore. But the visit’s feasibility will be determined later. For Card Ribat, looting is unacceptable but the “leaders in our government must own up to their people”.

| 25/01/2024

Msgr Wang Yuesheng, 57, president of the Patriotic Association in this province, had long been the Party's designated administrator in a diocese without a bishop since the Communists exiled the Italian Xaverian missionary Faustino Tissot in 1953. The rite was presided over by Shanghai Bishop Shen Bin.

| 25/01/2024

At the general audience Francis dwelt on the vice that prevents man from generosity. The warning on the eve of the Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Shoah: "The logic of hatred and violence can never be justified, because they deny our very humanity. Let us remember this also in today's wars'.

| 24/01/2024

At a press conference, Archbishop Fisichella explained the meaning and ways of the initiative called by the pontiff in preparation for the 2025 Jubilee. It will not be a series of initiatives, but of an attitude nurtured starting with the disciples' request to Jesus: "Teach us to pray". The pontiff himself will set up a "School of Prayer" to explore its various forms during the year.

| 23/01/2024

Francis kicked off the Year of Prayer, ahead of the 2025 Jubilee, asking us to pray “to prepare us to live well this event of grace.” He urged the faithful to pray "for Christian unity" and peace. He also turned his thoughts to the “many injured and killed children”. More than 10,000 have died in Gaza since the start of the conflict. We must “build peace for them!”


| 21/01/2024

The delegation was led by Lê Hoài Trung, chairman of the Communist Party’s Commission for External Relations. The new phase that began with the appointment of a permanent Vatican representative in April will see the Vatican Secretary for Relations with States travel to Hanoi followed Card Parolin by the end of the year. For Archbishop Gallagher, “there will be a visit” by the pope, but “We will do things gradually”.

| 18/01/2024

At his general audience, Pope Francis called to look at the root of "toxic relationships" that tragic news events also bring to the fore. On the eve of the Week for Christian Unity the invitation to pray that "Christians may reach full communion and bear unanimous witness of love toward all." And at the World Economic Forum he writes, "Peace can be nothing other than the fruit of justice."

| 17/01/2024

Today, after the recitation of the Angelus, Bergoglio quoted the words of the Vicar of the Custody of the Holy Land. "We still do not have, in all humanity, an education that stops all war," he said. He launches an appeal to those who hold power in conflicts: "War is not the way to resolve them".

| 14/01/2024

At the general audience, the pontiff's reflection on vice in the relationship with food. "In the way we eat, our interiority and our attitudes are revealed. There is a voracity that makes us consumers, leading us to pounce on everything. And it is the opposite of our vocation to be Eucharistic men and women."

| 10/01/2024
by Nirmala Carvalho

The pontiff called the practice “deplorable" in his address to the Diplomatic Corps, demanding a total ban. In India, once the world surrogacy capital, the authorities have restricted its scope, but it is still allowed for close relatives. For Dr Pascoal Carvalho, a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, this still puts women at risk of “potential exploitation”.

| 09/01/2024

In his New Year address to the ambassadors accredited to the Holy See, Francis made a strong appeal to respect humanitarian law in conflicts. In his view, the international community should ban “surrogate motherhood”. The pontiff also expressed concern that certain forms of technological control and “anti-conversion laws” deny religious freedom.

| 08/01/2024

At the Angelus of the Epiphany, citing the historic meeting of 1964 that tore “down a wall of incommunicability that had kept Catholics and Orthodox apart for centuries”, Pope Francis urged the faithful to “learn from the embrace” of pope and patriarch. He renewed his appeal for peace in the Middle East and the world, lamenting “So many victims of war” and “so much destruction”. On Missionary Childhood Day, the pontiff thanked “missionary children and young people throughout the world” for supporting “the proclamation of the Gospel”.

| 06/01/2024

The Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith speaks out following reactions by some episcopal conferences to the Declaration Fiducia Supplicans, noting that it requires “discernment in loco,” reflecting local situations, not ideological bias. Where homosexuality is an offence, the Church should promote “training, the defense of human dignity, [and] the teaching of the Social Doctrine of the Church”.

| 04/01/2024

The pontiff spoke about spiritual striving in his first general audience of 2024 in the Paul VI Hall, in the new cycle of the catechesis centred on vices and virtues, which began last week. Noting that “Jesus forgives everything,” he stressed that we must “regain this capacity to ask for forgiveness.”

| 03/01/2024
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