07/09/2005, 00.00
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Pakistan: Unanimous and inter-religious condemnation for the London attack

by Qaiser Felix

However, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, the country's Muslim leader, has asked the English government to "conduct fair and transparent inquiries" and "not to make discriminatory moves against peaceful citizens."

Faisalbad (AsiaNews) – Pakistan's Muslim and Christian communities "forcefully and unanimously condemn" the bombings which struck London. General Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukata Aziz stated that "this act strengthens national commitment to fight terrorism."

"We learned about the blasts with a sense of deep sorrow, that they caused innocent people grief" said Aziz, "We offer our sympathy to those who suffered and still suffer now."

Qazi Hussain Ahmed, president of the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA, a political alliance of six Muslim parties) and head of the Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan, added his voice to condemnation of the London attacks "in the name of the forces I represent". However, he called on the British government to "conduct inquiries which are just and transparent" to assure justice is meted out to the "real guilty ones". "Great Britain must assure no discriminatory moves are made against peaceful citizens and that the law of England will be respected."

Pakistan's Shi'ite ulemas gathered in a Jamia Mutjiba (Islamic seminary) in the province of Punjab, where they condemned the London attack. Mir Ahmad Ali, director of the centre of studies and coordinator of the global religious institute of Jamia Jafria, told AsiaNews: "We came together and we prayed for the noble souls of all the innocent who died without committing any sin."

Participants described "this tragic event" as a crime "committed against all humanity" and reiterated their strong conviction that "these terrorists have nothing to do with any religion". "It is a tragedy that they use the sacred name of Islam to carry out their despicable affairs. Ours is a religion of peace and theirs, in the best of cases, is a grave distortion of the Islamic message. It is therefore important that these groups of barbarians are stopped with an iron fist."

Pir Muhammed Ibrhaim, president of the Peace Commission of Punjab, told AsiaNews: "This attack is not only against the poor civilians of London, innocent of any crime, but also a violent attempt against Christian and Muslim ties. These people have no religious sense; they do not heed any faith. Pakistan is in the frontline of the war against terrorism, which must deform our faith and shake our relations."

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