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Pope: believing is "making space" for the power of God, "the power of One who loves me"

The Lord "loves me and wants my happiness". "He will share in the joy of His people. It is like a dream of the Lord: the Lord dreams. He has his dreams. His dreams of us". “I don’t believe there is a theologian who can explain this: you cannot explain it. You can only think about it, feel it and cry about it. Out of joy. "

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "Believing is make space for the Lord to come and change me," it is "making space for the power, the power of God. Not to the power of one who is very powerful, but the power of One loves me, who is in love with me and wants to share in my joy. This is faith", said Pope Francis during his homily at morning Mass in Casa Santa Marta, taking a cue from the first reading from the prophet Isaiah, where the Lord says that He will create "new heavens and a new earth."

The second creation of God, the Pope said, is even more "wonderful" than the first, because "when the Lord 'remakes' the world ruined by sin," he 'remakes it' in Jesus Christ. God manifests His immense joy in this renewing of everything. "We find that the Lord has so much enthusiasm: He speaks of joy and says one word: 'I will enjoy my people'. The Lord thinks of what He will do, He thinks, He himself will enjoy His people. It is as if it was a dream of the Lord: the Lord dreams. He has his dreams. His dreams are about us. 'Ah, how it will be nice when we will all be together, when we will all meet there or when that person, that other will walk with me ... How much I will enjoy it then!'. To give an example that can help us, it's like when a girl with her boyfriend or the boy with his girlfriend (thinkst): 'But when we are together , when we get married ... '. This is the 'dream' of God. "

"God - the Pope continued - thinks of each of us and loves each of us. He 'dreams' about us. He dreams of how He will rejoice with us. That's why the Lord wants to 're-create' us, He wants to renew our hearts so that joy can triumph. "Have you thought about it? The Lord dreams of me! He thinks of me! I am in the Lord's mind and in His heart! The Lord can change my life! And he has many projects: 'we will build houses and plant vineyards, we will share our meals'... these are the dreams of someone who is in love.... Thus we can see that the Lord is in love with his people. And when he says to his people: 'I haven't chosen you because you are the strongest, the biggest, the most powerful. I have chosen you because you are the smallest of them all. You could add: the most miserable. This is whom I have chosen'. This is love".

God "is in love with us" - Francis repeated, as he commented on the Gospel reading that speaks of the miraculous healing of the son of a Royal official. "I don't think a theologian exists who can explain this: it is impossible to explain. We can only think about it, we can feel, we can cry with joy. The Lord can change us. 'And what must I do?' Believe. I must believe that the Lord can change me, that He has the power to do so: just like the man in the Gospel whose son was sick. 'Sir, come down before my child dies'. 'You may go (Jesus said to him). Your son will live!' That man believed in the words of Jesus and had set off. He believed. He believed that Jesus had the power to change his child, the health of his child. And he won. To have faith is to make space for God's love, to make space for his power, for God's power. Not for the power of a powerful person, but for the power of one who loves me, who is in love with me and who wants to rejoice with me. This is faith. This is believing: making space for the Lord so that he can come and change me".


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