23 June 2017
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  • 22/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Receiving the participants at the "Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches" Assembly, Francis recommends the formation of the clergy. "Let us not forget that in the East even today, Christians - no matter whether Catholics, Orthodox, or Protestants - spill their blood as a seal of their witness."

    22/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: the pastor is passionate, knows how to discern and know how to denounce evil, without being naïve "do-gooders"

    Francis recalls the example of Don Milani who with his "I care," taught his boys to go on in life. Take care: take care of your life. This is no!'".

    21/06/2017 - VATICAN - SOUTH SUDAN

    ‘Pope for South Sudan’ initiative launched

    Since he cannot travel to the country at present, Pope Francis has launched a number of local initiative to support health, agriculture and education. He also renewed his call on the international community to stop the ongoing massacres.

    21/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope says to be saints we just need to do our duty "with hearts open to God"

    "The last word on man's history is not hatred, it is not death, it is not war. At every moment of life we ​​are assisting the hand of God, and also the discreet presence of all the believers who have preceded us with the sign of faith. "


    21/06/2017 - CHINA-GERMANY

    The German ambassador asks China to release Msgr. Shao Zhumin

    In an official statement posted on the embassy site, Michael Clauss asks that the detained bishop of Wenzhou, be given full freedom of movement. Concerns also expressed over drafts of the new regulations on religious activities, which decree the end of the underground communities. It is the first time after a decade that a European ambassador has called for the release of a bishop.


    20/06/2017 - LEBANON – VATICAN

    After the Golden Jubilee, the future of the Charismatic Renewal (Part II)

    by Fady Noun

    The Charismatic Renewal had gone beyond geographical and ecclesial boundaries, towards a basic ecumenism. The Lebanon War, 9/11, and regional conflicts were in the prophecies of darkness. The Christian exodus and the mission in the Middle East remain important issues. The Renewal’s future is interwoven with the future of the Church and the world. An open spirit and fidelity to the calling are needed.

    20/06/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope: Don Mazzolari, a pastor convinced that the destinies of the world mature in the peripheries

    Francis went to Bozzolo, not far from Mantua, tied to the memory of the "parish priest of Italy," the uncomfortable priest of whom Paul VI said, "He walked one step ahead and often we could not hold him back! And so he suffered and we also suffered. It is the fate of prophets. "


    20/06/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope: Don Milani, the mission of educating a "free conscience"

    Francis travels to Barbiana, in Italy. Don Milani a priest who wanted to "awaken the human in people to open them to the divine". "Only by fully possesing the word is it possible to discern among the many and often confused messages that rain down upon us, and to give expression to the deep instances of our heart, as well as the expectations of justice of so many brothers and sisters waiting for justice."

    20/06/2017 - INDIA - VATICAN

    Card. Ivan Dias, former Prefect of Propaganda Fide and Archbishop of Mumbai has died. Tribute of Card. Gracias

    "A blessing for India". He was the first Indian to cover the office of Prefect in the Vatican. He was the first to reach out to China. A great pastoral and diplomatic experience. Afflicted by various diseases, he was "a martyr of the mission".


    19/06/2017 - LEBANON – VATICAN

    After the Golden Jubilee, the future of the Charismatic Renewal (Part I)

    by Fady Noun

    An "Ecumenical Pentecost" is analysed historically and theologically. Leo XIII and Sr Elena Guerra, together with a small US Protestant congregation, played a key role. For Paul VI the movement represented "an opportunity for the Church". Its contribution touches the renewal of the theology of the Western Church and Reformed Churches.

    19/06/2017 - CHINA – VATICAN

    Mgr Peter Shao Zhumin, Wenzhou’s bishop not recognised by the government, is missing again

    The bishop apparently arrived at Wenzhou airport, but did not go home.  Government officials took him to an unknown place. His priests did not see him at home. According to the latest figures, Wenzhou Catholics number 130,000.

    19/06/2017 - SYRIA - VATICAN

    Cardinal Zenari: signs of "improvement" in Syria but Christians continue to suffer

    In Aleppo, up to two-thirds of the Christian population has left the city, about half has left the rest of the country. Jobs must be provided for those who remain, education to their children, and "spiritual support" so that they can continue the mission of "bearing witnesses to Christ" in a Muslim-majority country. Next week, the cardinal will meet with the pope.

    19/06/2017 - RUSSA - VATICAN

    Vatican and Russian orthodox scholars debate history and Ostpolitik

    by Vladimir Rozanskij

    The conference begins tomorrow and continues until June 21. Joint work was blocked in 2002 over allegations of "proselytism" against the Russian Catholic Church. Change of climate after the meeting between Francis and Kirill in Havana in 2016. Russians prefer to talk about common mission to the world rather than unity of the united Church in the first 10 centuries.


    19/06/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope: Young people should be educated based on intellect, affection and action

    Francis opened the ecclesial conference of the diocese of Rome on youth education. In a society devastated and dominated by consumerism, try to offer the possibility of harmonious growth not only on a personal level but also a social and spiritual level.

    18/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: The Eucharist is the sacrament that heals our memory, wounded by a frantic life

    Pope Francis celebrated the Corpus Domini Mass this Sunday following the Italian, not the Vatican liturgical calendar. Today, if we leave “our memories behind [. . .] living only for the moment, we risk remaining ever on the surface of things”. The Eucharist is a “living remembrance that comforts us with God’s love”. It “is not a sacrament ‘for me’; it is the sacrament of the many, who form one body”. The procession made its way from St John Lateran to Saint Mary Major. The canopy with the ostensory was followed by the "holy faithful people of God".

    18/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: In the Eucharist Jesus helps us, pilgrims in history

    During the Angelus, Pope Francis mentioned World Refugee Day, on 20 June, whose theme is "‘With Refugees. Now more than ever we need to stand with Refugees.’ “[M]eeting refugees in person dissipates distorted fears and ideologies, and becomes a factor of growth in humanity”. The pontiff will go on pilgrimage to Bozzolo (Mantova) and Barbiana (Florence) to honour the memory of Don Primo Mazzolari and Don Lorenzo Milani, whose testimony "the world still needs today". Tonight, the pontiff will lead the Corpus Domini Mass in St John in Lateran, and the Eucharistic procession to Saint Mary Major.

    17/06/2017 - CHINA – VATICAN

    Wenzhou: Mgr Shao back in Wenzhou under police escort

    The bishop is recognised by the Holy See but not by the government. He was held for 27 days during which he attended a “religious seminar" to convince him to join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and force the Vatican to appoint right away a coadjutor bishop from the official community.

    16/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Be aware of being "clay vessels", only God’s power saves

    Only if we accept that we are made of clay can the "extraordinary power of God” come to us and give us fullness, salvation, happiness, and the joy of being saved, thus receiving the Lord's "treasure".

    15/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Corruption is "a form of blasphemy" that "gives birth to the culture of death"

    Francis has written the preface to a book that is an interview with Card. Tukson titled "Corrosion". Today, even just "imagining the future" is a very difficult undertaking, corruption even undermines the "hope" that an improvement is possible.

    14/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: "There is no curse," we are all loved by God, good and bad

    "Much of man’s narcissism is born from a feeling of solitude." Lack of love is the source of many apparently inexplicable behaviors: "Not being or not feeling loved as a teenager, can lead to violence."

    13/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Christians are called to be "salt and light"

    We ask for grace "to be clinging, rooted in the fullness of the promises in Christ Jesus that is 'yes', our total 'yes', and bringing this fullness with the salt and light of our testimony to others to give glory to the Father who is in heavens. "

    13/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: to love the poor, "not with words, but with deeds"

    Francis' Message for the First World Day of the Poor, instituted by him. "Let us never forget that, for Christ’s disciples, poverty is above all a call to follow Jesus in his own poverty." "Poverty is an interior attitude that avoids looking upon money, career and luxury as our goal in life and the condition for our happiness.  Poverty instead creates the conditions for freely shouldering our personal and social responsibilities, despite our limitations, with trust in God’s closeness and the support of his grace."

    11/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Eternal Life is "the immeasurable and gratuitous love of the Father, gifted by Christ on the Cross"

    "The Christian community, even with all human limits, can become a reflection of the communion of the Trinity, of its goodness and beauty. But this necessarily goes through the experience of God's mercy, of His forgiveness. " Itala Mela proclaimed Blessed yesterday, in La Spezia.

    10/06/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope: international cooperation for migrants "indispensable and urgent"

    Francis visits Italian president. "Generating and accompanying processes that give rise to new opportunities for dignified employment". "Stable employment, along with a political commitment to the family, is the first and most important place for the formation of intra-personal relations and the conditions for genuine sustainable development."

    09/06/2017 - ASIA - VATICAN

    China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand pledge to cut back on plastic that ends in the sea

    Although not yet formalised, the commitment was undertaken at a UN oceans summit that ended yesterday. For Card Turkson, an ecological conversion is needed as Pope Francis indicated when he said that “Care for our common home [. . .] is and will always be a moral imperative.”

    09/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope calls for a greater role for women, in all areas, including the Church

    The pontiff met with the participants to the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, focused on ‘The role of women in education towards universal fraternity”. For Francis, women play an "inestimable" role in education and " offer an important input in dialogue, with their capacity for listening, acceptance, and opening up generously to others."

    08/06/2017 - CHINA - VATICAN

    Four new priests ordained in Shanghai diocese, despite closed seminary and no bishop

    by Maria Zhao

    The ordination was presided over by Msgr. Giuseppe Shen Bin. The new priests were ordained deacons the day before. Shanghai Seminary has been closed since 2012 and Bishop Ma Daqin is in custody. On 18 May, 17 sisters took their religious vows.

    07/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: The world needs Christians, Jews and Muslims prayers for peace

    At the general audience, Francis recalls the Vatican meeting with Peres and Abbas. God never abandons us. "We can be distant, hostile, we can also profess" a world without God, "but the Gospel reveals that" God cannot be without us: He will never be a God without man. "

    06/06/2017 - VATICAN – LEBANON

    The 'Golden Jubilee' of the Charismatic Renewal is an opportunity for reconciliation

    by Fady Noun

    The meeting with Pope Francis marked the recognition of the movement, described as a "current of grace". Three groups from Lebanon met in Rome. Unexpected rapprochement occurs between groups of different confessions. For Pope Francis, “Unity is for the mission, to proclaim that Jesus is the Lord”. The pontiff also looks at the ecumenism of blood.

    06/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Hypocrisy "hurts the Church," "it is not the language of Jesus," its unchristian

    Following the example of Jesus, the language of Christians must be truthful. "The language of hypocrisy is the language of deceit, it is the same language that the snake uses with Eve, it is the same." It begins with adulation and then destroys people and "is capable of killing a community."

    Editor's choices

    Vatican and Russian orthodox scholars debate history and Ostpolitik

    Vladimir Rozanskij

    The conference begins tomorrow and continues until June 21. Joint work was blocked in 2002 over allegations of "proselytism" against the Russian Catholic Church. Change of climate after the meeting between Francis and Kirill in Havana in 2016. Russians prefer to talk about common mission to the world rather than unity of the united Church in the first 10 centuries.


    The “strength of the Church is within the small churches”, says Laos’s first cardinal

    Weena Kowitwanij

    On 21 May, Pope Francis announced his nomination, a surprise for Laos’s 50,000- strong Catholic community. It is a “baby Church” that experiences the first proclamation and is turned towards Tribals and animists. "Some of the most serious problems are the shortage of personnel and the quality of education,” the prelate said. "Some people think that being a cardinal is an honour,” but for Mgr Mangkhanekhoun it means advising the pope on how to “solve problems.”


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