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04/19/2015 VATICAN
Pope remembers and prays for "latest tragedy" of migrants, "our brothers and sisters" who "are seeking happiness"
At the Regina Caeli, Pope Francis says he is praying for the hundreds of victims in a sinking off the coast of Libya. An appeal to the international community to "act decisively and promptly." "Every baptized person is called to witness in word and deed, that Jesus is risen, He is alive and present in our midst." The Christian message "is not a theory, an ideology or a complex system of precepts and prohibitions, or moralism, but a message of salvation, a concrete event, even a person: the Risen Christ, the living and only Savior of all" . The Pope will be in Turin on June 21 to honor the Shroud, the exposition of which begins today.
Vatican City (AsiaNews) – “Remembrance" and "prayer" for the dead and their families and a heartfelt appeal to the international community to "act decisively and promptly", so that similar "tragedies"...

04/18/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Denounce and combat trafficking in human beings, a hidden evil
At an audience with participants at the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Pope Francis calls for national and international laws to "ensure the traffickers meet with justice and their unjust gains are reused for the rehabilitation of their victims." The fight against slavery, the work of Christian saints and "many men and women of good will who do not identify with a religion."
Armenian Genocide: Turkish politicians criticise the EU; Mufti reacts to pope’s words threatening to turn Saint Sophia into a mosque
Erdogan’s moderate Islamist party as well as the Kemalist and right wing nationalist parties issue a statement slamming the European parliament as “partial” and “intolerant”. For the mufti of Ankara, Pope Francis’ statement was "extremely spectacular." For the first time in 85 years, a passage from the Qur’an was recited at Saint Sophia. A symposium during Holy Birth Week was held in Istanbul on “The Prophet and Cohabitation Ethics and Law".
04/17/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Humiliation for its own sake is masochism, but when it is suffered and endured in the name of the Gospel it makes us like Jesus
"In this moment in which so many of our brothers and sisters are being martyred for the sake of Jesus’ Name, they are in this state, they have, in this moment, the joy of having suffered dishonour, and even death, for the Name of Jesus". When we nurse resentments it is inevitable that there will be outbursts. It "happens to me too" admits Francis: " When something is not pleasing, the first feeling is not of God, it is wicked, always".
04/16/2015 VATICAN
More Catholic believers and priests in the world
The Statistical Yearbook of the Church shows an increase in both the number of Catholics – 1.254 billion – and their share – 17.7 per cent – of the world’s population. In Asia, Catholics rose by 17.4 per cent and now constitute 3.2 of the continent’s population.

04/16/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "He who obeys God has eternal life", while for "he who does not obey, the wrath of God remains on him"
"Those who teach the people of God" must not be closed but open to dialogue and must not try to silence those who preach the news of God. "Today is Pope Benedict XVI’s birthday. I offered Mass for him, and I invite you to pray for him, so that the Lord sustain him and give him a lot of joy and happiness".
04/15/2015 TURKEY – VATICAN
And the sultan "warned" the pope
The Turkish president yesterday warned Francis “not to make such a mistake again" when referring to the Armenian "genocide". Today, he said that a motion by the European Parliament on the same issue would “go in one ear and out of the other".
04/15/2015 VATICAN
Pope: no opposition or subordination between men and women, gender theory "is a step backwards"
"God created man, male and female, in His image and likeness, giving them both the same dignity and equality: we must work in the Church and in society, to ensure that this equality is respected, rejecting all forms of oppression or injustice, particularly against women".
04/14/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Christian communities renewed in the Spirit live in harmony, for the common good, have patience
At Mass in Santa Marta, Pope Francis recalls the life of the early Christians, who were "of one heart and soul", who shared what they had, but were plagued by internal and external problems, by "businessmen" and persecution. Patience is a "grace" of the Spirit.
04/14/2015 VATICAN
Pope calls on Church to go “forth,” proposes vocation as “exodus” for young people with shattered “dreams”
In his Message for the 52nd World Day of Prayer for Vocations (26 April), Pope Francis calls on young people to overcome uncertainty, worries and problems that threaten to paralyse “their youthful enthusiasm”. A vocation means “leaving behind our comfort and the inflexibility of our ego in order to centre our life in Jesus Christ.” It is not a flight “from the world” but a “specific, real and total commitment”. It means “a Church which is less concerned about herself, her structures and successes, and more about her ability to go out and meet God’s children wherever they are, to feel compassion (com-passio) for their hurt and pain."
04/14/2015 TAIWAN
Taiwan, "Pope Francis’ style" hits bookstores
by Xin Yage
The Kuangchi Press, led by Father Moses Khan, has published books by US author Chris Lowney on Pope Francis translated in Chinese: "Doing the laundry, getting his shoes dirty, listening to the sound of the churchbell: these are the images that can summarize the ' Pope's work ".
04/13/2015 VATICAN - TURKEY
Erdogan's Turkey threatens "response" to Pope’s affirmation of Armenian "genocide"
Government officials across the board define " the words spoken yesterday by Francis as “invalid", "null and void", "inappropriate", "unilateral", "unacceptable" and "distorts history". The same words used in 2001 by John Paul II. But the "moderate" Islamic president wants to propose a new Ottomanism and is concerned about the approach of the general elections of 7 June.
04/13/2015 VATICAN
Pope: The Church speaks with the freedom and courage of the Spirit
The Holy Spirit "is the only one able to give us this grace of courage to proclaim Jesus Christ." "And that courage is what distinguishes us from simple proselytizing. We do not do advertising, Jesus Christ as says, to have more 'partners' in our 'spiritual society'. "
04/12/2015 VATICAN
Pope: After the genocide, may God grant that the people of Armenia and Turkey take up again the path of reconciliation
In his message to the Armenian people given to the Patriarchs, Francis writes, "It is the responsibility not only of the Armenian people and the universal Church to recall all that has taken place, but of the entire human family, so that the warnings from this tragedy will protect us from falling into a similar horror, which offends against God and human dignity. Today too, in fact, these conflicts at times degenerate into unjustifiable violence, stirred up by exploiting ethnic and religious differences." Only reconciliation gives meaning to the martyrdom of so many.
04/12/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Like Thomas, we contemplate the wounds of the Risen One and, in the Jubilee, we welcome God’s love
After the Mass for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Francis spoke during the Regina Coeli about the apostle’s “struggle”. Thomas “is not someone who just accepts things; he wants to find out about things, check them out in person, have his own personal experience.” Meanwhile, “Jesus was waiting for him, patiently”. The Jubilee “will be an intense and long period of time to welcome the immense riches of God’s merciful love”. The pope also expressed his Easter greetings to the Eastern Churches.

Altri articoli
04/12/2015 VATICAN
Pope: as the extermination of human beings continues, we need a change of heart
04/11/2015 VATICAN
Pope: a Jubilee of Mercy so that the Church may recover the sense of mission the Lord entrusted in her
04/11/2015 VATICAN
The Holy Year of Mercy sums up “the mystery of the Christian faith”
04/11/2015 VATICAN – LEBANON
Divine Mercy’s amazing moment with the Armenian people by Fady Noun
04/09/2015 VATICAN
Pope calls on Armenians to draw “new vitality” from their martyrdom in order to proclaim the Gospel
For Justice and Peace Commission, the situation of Catholics in China is worsening, the government should change course by Lina Chan
Officials and thousands of faithful to join Pope Francis for the Armenian Genocide memorial by Fady Noun
04/08/2015 VATICAN
Pope: God judges us "listening to what children’s angels tell him"
04/06/2015 VATICAN
Pope: on the persecution of Christians, the international community should "not stand by mute and inactive” and “look away”
04/05/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Jesus, the Victor over death, lighten the sufferings of our many brothers and sisters who are persecuted for his name and of all those who suffer unjustly
04/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Easter Vigil, "listen to the silence" and hear "the tiny whisper in which God speaks to us"
04/03/2015 VATICAN – ITALY
Pope: we see our persecuted and crucified brothers and sisters in the Crucifix “before our eyes, or often in our silent complicity”
04/03/2015 IRAQ – VATICAN
Iraqi priest: Even among Mosul refugees, life and resurrection win over death
04/02/2015 VATICAN – ITALY
Pope: "When the Lord washes our feet, he washes everything, he purifies us, he makes us feel again his love"
Editor's choices
Pope: on the persecution of Christians, the international community should "not stand by mute and inactive” and “look away”For the sixth time in a week, Pope Francis mentioned the martyrdom of Christians in today’s Regina Caeli (the Marian prayer at Easter), slamming the indifference of the international community towards this "alarming failure to protect basic human rights.” Today’s martyrs "are many, and we can say that they are more numerous than in the first centuries." In addition, “Faith in the resurrection of Jesus and the hope He has brought to us is the most beautiful gift that a Christian can and must offer his brothers and sisters. To one and all, therefore, do not tire of repeating: Christ is Risen!”
Easter: The silence of the innocent and the gag
by Bernardo CervelleraViolations of religious freedom and the West's hypocricy surrounding this issue are likely to drag the world into an unprecedented chaos. But even in silence - of death accepted for love or death inflicted by power - God is at work. An indestructible hope rises on Easter morning and a small opening of the heart is just enough for it to invade a lifetime. Happy Easter.
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04/16/2015 TAJIKISTAN
Former jihadist escapes from the Islamic state: We had to kill everyone, without pity
04/13/2015 INDIA
Radical Hindu leader calls for the forced sterilisation of Christians and Muslims
by Nirmala Carvalho
04/14/2015 SYRIA
As the conflict escalates, the situation in Aleppo’s Christian quarter worsens, says apostolic vicar
04/13/2015 VATICAN - TURKEY
Erdogan's Turkey threatens "response" to Pope’s affirmation of Armenian "genocide"
04/12/2015 VATICAN
Pope: After the genocide, may God grant that the people of Armenia and Turkey take up again the path of reconciliation
04/14/2015 BANGLADESH
Muslims, Hindus, and Christians celebrate peace during Bengali New Year
by Sumon Corraya
04/15/2015 TURKEY – VATICAN
And the sultan "warned" the pope
04/16/2015 RUSSIA
St. Petersburg Smolny Cathedral restored to Church of, a symbol of the city of the tsars
04/16/2015 VATICAN
More Catholic believers and priests in the world
Maronite vicar says Israeli police doing nothing to catch vandals who attacked Christian graveyard


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