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03/05/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "the abandonment is the most serious 'illness' of the elderly", who must be helped at the end of their life
When life becomes very fragile and is approaching its earthly end, "we feel the responsibility to assist and accompany the person in the best way" to relieve the suffering. This is what families and palliative care provide. For the pontiff, "all medical knowledge is truly science, in its most noble sense, only if it finds its place as a help in view of the good of man, a good that is never achieved by going 'against' his life and dignity."
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "Abandonment is the most serious 'illness' of the elderly, and also the greatest injustice they can suffer," said Pope Francis. However, "when life becomes very fragile and the end of earthly existence approaches, we feel the responsibility to assist and accompany the person in the best way" and relieve their suffering. This is what families and palliative care...

03/05/2015 VATICAN
Pope: those with a heart "sick of worldliness" cannot understand the need and the neediness of others
"With a worldly heart you can go to church, you can pray, you can do so many things. But Jesus, at the Last Supper, in the prayer to the Father, what did He pray? 'But please, Father, keep these disciples from falling into the world".
03/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope: A society that "discards" the elderly, "depository of a people’s wisdom", carries a virus of death
"A culture of profit insists on painting the elderly as a burden, a 'dead weight'. It thinks that the elderly don’t produce anything and therefore are a burden". "There is something vile in this addiction we have to this throw away culture. We have become used to discarding people." "The Church cannot and does not want to comply with a mentality of impatience, and even less that of indifference and contempt towards old age".
03/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "a thousand times Jesus preferred sinners" to hypocrites
"In the second week of Lent we have these three words to think about, to ponder: the invitation to conversion; the gift that the Lord will give us, which is great forgiveness, a great forgiveness; and the trap, that is, pretending to convert, while choosing the path of hypocrisy. "
03/02/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Judging ourselves to obtain and offer mercy
At Mass in Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis emphasizes that judging ourselves is the first step of Christian wisdom. Recognizing the envy that leads us to "speak ill of others", that we are capable of doing worse things than which we judge others for. "Who am I to judge?" obeys the exhortation of Jesus: Judge not lest you be judged.

03/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Let us not forget those who are suffering in Syria, Iraq and Venezuela; let us pray for them
Francis comments the Gospel of the Transfiguration of Christ. "Jesus reveals himself as the perfect icon of the Father, the irradiation of his glory. It is the fulfilment of revelation. [. . .] Jesus' journey always leads us to happiness [. . .]. Love transfigures everything." The task he leaves for the disciples and the faithful is simple: "Listen to and follow the Saviour." After the Marian prayer, the Holy Father issued an appeal to the peoples of the Middle East, noting that "We are praying insistently for an end to the intolerable brutality of which they are victims."
02/28/2015 VATICAN
Pope encourages the growth of cooperatives as an economic model that serves the common good
Cooperatives are "enterprises based on the principle of solidarity and social relations," that act as "the lever that raises and develops the weakest part of local communities and civil society," and provide "new welfare solutions" that support, facilitate and even encourage family life, because even though money is "the dung of the devil," if it is well managed, "it can be used to promote the common good."
For Filipino bishops' president, "pope awakes from indifference, a national evil"
Speaking to AsiaNews, Mgr Socrates Villegas, archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan and president of the Filipino bishops' conference, underscores "the enormous importance of Francis' message for this Lent. Ours is a Catholic country, but selfishness is conquering more and more." The pope's great mass in Manila was "ray of sunshine that illuminates the future. Among those present, 50 per cent were under 20. They are our best hope."
02/26/2015 SYRIA
IS holding more than 250 Christians, for vicar to Aleppo, pope's prayers are a source of courage
Pope Francis is closely monitoring the situation in Syria and praying for the Christian minority. For Mgr Georges Abou Khazen, the pope's closeness is a source "of great consolation and help." The road to peace "is long, but the only one possible." At least 5,000 Christians fled from the Islamists. The UN Security Council condemns the abductions.
02/24/2015 UKRAINE - RUSSIA
Ukraine, a land scorched by history
by Vladimir Rozanskij
The end of the Soviet Union led to idea that the West and democracy had won. However, the Ukrainian conflict proves otherwise. Although the pope's words on post-communist economic injustices are right, they have boosted Russians' belief that they are the "last bastion" against the ruin that Western capitalism will inevitably inflict. For them, their apocalyptic fate is inexorably tied to what will happen on the Ukrainian border.
02/22/2015 VATICAN
Pope gifts "Guard your heart" booklet as an aid to conversion in Lent
At today's Angelus Pope Francis gave away booklets containing "the wealth of our doctrine," the essentials of the faith: "the seven sacraments, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Ten Commandments, the virtues, works of mercy. .. ". The booklet was distributed by volunteers and homeless people. "Those who are in need are also the ones who give us this great wealth." Lent is a time "for spiritual battle against the spirit of evil", already won by Jesus in the desert. "We go into the desert without fear, because we are not alone, we are with Jesus." This afternoon, the Pope goes to Ariccia on retreat with the Curia: "Pray so that in this desert we can hear the voice of Jesus and correct our many defects".
02/20/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "a good Christian is just to the people who depend on him"
"Love of God and love of neighbor are one in the same" and especially in Lent "fasting, is not just abstaining from meat” only to "fight with and exploit workers" and make offerings to the Church "on their backs". The point of Lent is "to think about them: what can I do for the children, for the elderly, who do not have the opportunity to be seen by a doctor?", who maybe wait "for eight hours and then they give an appointment for a week after ".
02/19/2015 CHINA - VATICAN
If Beijing does not grant religious freedom to the Church diplomatic relations are useless
by Peace*
An underground priest sent AsiaNews his reflection on the state of relations between China and the Vatican. Talks and negotiations are useless if Beijing does not grant human rights to the people. The "Catholic question" cannot be separated from religious persecution against other religions and ethnic groups. Unlawful bishops loyal to the government are young and numerous. "They will do tremendous damage over the next 20 years if nothing is done." Local communities need bishops in communion with the pope even this upsets the government.
02/19/2015 VATICAN
Pope: every day the Christian must choose between God and "other gods", between good and "trivial things that pass"
"The search for personal success, for possessions, without a thought for the Lord, for one’s family is always the wrong path to choose." " When the Lord gives us this advice - 'Stop! Choose today, choose '- He doesn’t abandon us. He is with us and wants to help us. Only we have to trust and have faith in Him."
02/18/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Lent, a time of conversion, a push to return into "the arms of God"
"This work of conversion is not just a human endeavor. Reconciliation between us and God is possible thanks to the mercy of the Father. [. . .] We will do well to ask, at the beginning of this Lent, for the gift of tears, so as to make our prayer and our journey of conversion ever more authentic and without hypocrisy."

Altri articoli
02/18/2015 CHINA - VATICAN
Is Xi Jinping following Pope Francis in his family-oriented lunar New Year greetings? by Wang Zhicheng
02/18/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "the international community must a find peaceful solutions to the difficult situation in Libya"
02/17/2015 VATICAN
Pope calls on young people to be "revolutionaries" because the pure in heart "shall see God"
It looks like someone is trying to shout us down by Card. Joseph Zen Ze-kiun
02/17/2015 VATICAN - MYANMAR
For Yangon cardinal Burmese Church is the voice of the poor and marginalised, a witness to Christ through its works by Dario Salvi
02/17/2015 VATICAN
Pope celebrates Mass for the 21 Copts killed in Libya, "for sole reason of being Christian"
02/16/2015 VATICAN - LIBYA - EGYPT
For pope, Copts killed in Libya "simply for the fact that they were Christians"
02/16/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "We have much to receive from the poor whom we approach and whom we help"
02/16/2015 VATICAN - VIETNAM
Cardinal of Hanoi: Suffering has strengthened Church in Vietnam by Dario Salvi
Cardinal of Bangkok: Asian Catholics, witnesses of faith from the peripheries of the world
02/15/2015 VATICAN
For pope, Christ fights the world's evils and sufferings by taking them on and defeating them through God's mercy
02/15/2015 VATICAN
Pope tells new cardinals that the Church's way is that of Jesus, that of mercy and reinstatement
02/14/2015 VATICAN
Pope calls on new cardinals to be witnesses of charity, able to forgive, and give confidence and hope
Card Zen and Catholics protest against Beijing over the fate of Mgr Cosma Shi Enxiang by Victoria Ma
Editor's choices
It looks like someone is trying to shout us down
by Card. Joseph Zen Ze-kiunThe widespread optimism concerning the dialogue between the Holy See and China is largely groundless. Some Chinese bishops unable to speak freely are asked "leading" questions. The key issues remain unresolved, namely episcopal appointments and the fate of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association. Benedict XVI's Letter to Chinese Catholics, also cited by Pope Francis, provides guidelines. No agreement is better than a bad agreement. What happened to Msgr. Cosma Shi Enxiang and Msgr. James Su Zhimin? Hong Kong's bishop emeritus, champion of religious freedom in China, delivers a vibrant reflection.
Beijing hides the body of bishop Cosma Shi Enxiang: too "dangerous"
by Bernardo CervelleraThe underground bishop of Yixian disappeared in police custody in 2001. In late January news of his death spread. But authorities denied the reports. Family members await his corpse or ashes. The long list of underground bishops who have died in prison after torture. The government is terrified of possible demonstrations at his funeral. The visit of Yu Zhengsheng, "number four" from Baoding Politburo. Out of his 93 years of life, Bishop Shi spent 54 years in prison because of his fidelity to the Church and the Pope.
Top 10
03/02/2015 SYRIA - ISLAM
Islamic State group frees 19 Syrian Christians in Syria after a ransom is paid
03/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Let us not forget those who are suffering in Syria, Iraq and Venezuela; let us pray for them
Montagnard Christians continue to flee to Cambodia, but are running out of food and supplies
02/28/2015 VATICAN
Pope encourages the growth of cooperatives as an economic model that serves the common good
02/27/2015 EGYPT - LIBYA - ISLAM
The Lent of the 21 Egyptian Copts martyred in Libya
by Bernardo Cervellera
03/04/2015 INDONESIA
Civil society groups in protest against new anti-corruption commission leaders
by Mathias Hariyadi
03/02/2015 RUSSIA
Tens of thousands flood Red Square in memory of Nemtsov
03/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "a thousand times Jesus preferred sinners" to hypocrites
02/27/2015 MYANMAR - ASIA
WHO sounds alarm over spread of Bird flu after massive cull in Myanmar
02/27/2015 SYRIA
Despite their uncertain fate, Mgr Audo denies rumours that 15 Christians have been killed


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