20 February 2018
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  • » 02/08/2018, 10.59


    Israel starts building a wall on the border with Lebanon

    The controversial dividing line object of fierce criticism of the Lebanese government. It also worries the Unifil summits engaged in the peace mission. The spokesman stresses that every operation along the Blue Line must be agreed and coordinated to avoid rising tensions. Netanyahu accuses Beirut of favoring Iran in the construction of precision weapons. Israeli air raids on Damascus.

    Beirut (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The Israeli government yesterday began construction of a controversial security barrier along the border that separates the Jewish state from Lebanon. A barrier that the leaders of Beirut have already strongly criticized, emphasizing that it "invades" its national territory. The tension between Lebanon and Israel has risen, after fiery charges launched by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that Beirut has allowed Iran to build "high precision missile factories".

    The construction of the partition wall between Lebanon and Israel also worries the spokesperson of the United Nations peacekeeping force (Unifil) long engaged in patrolling the territory between the two nations. In a note Andrea Tenenti confirms the start of the work in the Naqoura area and underlines that the military are "engaged in the confrontation with both parties to find common solutions".

    He added "any work that is conducted along the Blue Line should be predictable and also coordinated with UNIFIL in order to prevent misunderstanding and decrease tension".

    Israel in recent days has raised the level of confrontation, so far verbal, with Lebanon over ties between Beirut and Iran and for the control of some natural gas deposits off the coast (Block 9), along the maritime border which separates the two States. The Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman called the moves of the Lebanese government "highly provocative", claiming ownership of the entire field.

    Lebanese pro-Shiite movement Hezbollah and the highest Lebanese institutions, including the Prime Minister (Sunni) Saad Hariri staunchly rejected the claim. Lieberman's words are a  "blatant provocation that Lebanon rejects.".

    Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke about Lebanon during an official meeting in Moscow with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He denounced what he calls "Iran's attempt to turn Lebanon into a large missile site" for "production of high-precision missiles against Israel".

    Finally, yesterday, just before dawn, Israeli fighters hit the Syrian military research center of Jimrayah, north of Damascus, for the second time. Syrian sources report that the Israeli fighter-jets with launched their missiles from Lebanese airspace, some of the devices were intercepted by Syrian anti-air defenses and exploded in flight.

    The attack was confirmed by the Syrian official media. In contrast, the Israeli armed forces have neither confirmed nor denied it; however, in the last six years the Israeli army has admitted that it has carried out "dozens of raids in Syria". Most of them targeted deposits or weapons convoys, munitions or military material linked to Hezbollah, in Lebanese territory.

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    19/05/2009 ISRAEL-USA
    Netanyahu appears to have won the first round with Obama
    The Israeli premier avoids the American president’s attempts to have him come out in favour of the two state solutions, but obtained a strong declaration against the “Iranian threat”. Now the US wants Israeli promises to halt settlement construction ahead of June 3rd, when Obama visits Cairo.

    20/03/2017 12:04:00 ISRAEL - SYRIA - LEBANON
    Israel at war with Syria: Damascus missile defense system targeted

    Avigdor Lieberman threatens to destroy the Damascus defenses, in response to the launch of the ground-to-air missiles at an Israeli fighter jet. Air raids targeted weapons convoys destined for the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah. Israel's army chief: "In the light" of the events in Syria and Lebanon, ready "for any kind of scenario."

    29/11/2016 09:17:00 ISRAEL - PALESTINE
    Tel Aviv, a Palestinian assailant sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of two Israelis

    Rayed Khalil will have to serve life imprisonment for each of the two victims. The judges also imposes an additional penalty of 20 years for attempted murder. The court recognizes "aggravating circumstances" of "exceptionally serious" nature, that exclude reduction of sentences in the future.


    08/11/2016 14:06:00 ISRAEL - PALESTINE
    Intifada of knives: 14 year old Palestinian sentenced to 12 years in prison

    The court convicted Ahmed Manasra  for the attempted murder of two brothers aged 20 and 12 years. He will also have to pay a monetary compensation to the victims. The young man declares his innocent and is facing a rehabilitation path. The sentence criticized by activists and the Palestinian Authority. Sentences of 11 years for two other Palestinian minors.

    12/10/2016 09:43:00 ISRAEL - PALESTINE
    Jerusalem, Israeli army shoots dead a 20 year-old Palestinian

    The young attacker Ali Shiouki, openly challenged soldiers and police officers on patrol. To ward off attacks to coincide with Yom Kippur, Israel has deployed 3 thousand men to defend the city. Palestinians fear a permanent division and access to private prayer only to Jewish worshipers.


    Editor's choices

    The tears of Chinese bishops. A portrait of Msgr. Zhuang, bishop of Shantou

    Padre Pietro

    A priest of the official Church, recalls the 88 year old bishop that the Vatican wants to replace with an illegitimate bishop, to please the regime. Mons. Zhuang Jianjian became an underground bishop at the behest of the Vatican in 2006. Card. Zen and Msgr. Zhuang, image of the faithful Church, "which provokes an immense sadness and a sense of impotence". The hopes of card. Parolin to console "the past and present sufferings of Chinese Catholics".

    Card. Zen on the bishops of Shantou and Mindong

    Card. Joseph Zen

    The bishop emeritus of Hong Kong confirms the information published in recent days by AsiaNews and reveals details of his conversation with Pope Francis on these topics: "Do not create another Mindszenty case", the primate of Hungary whom the Vatican forced to leave the country, appointing a successor in Budapest, at the will of the communist government of the time. 


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