At the monthly meeting on December 5th, the Maronite Church attacks a selfish political class. Too many personal interests hinder the emergence of an executive, instead of looking at the common good. Refugee crisis "even more complicated" who, together with humanitarian support, need plans for a "return to their land".


| 08/12/2018

The pontiff will be in the UAE between 3 and 5 February 2019 for the first official papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula. Local Catholics welcome the announcement. The visit will provide an opportunity for an exchange with Islam. For Bishop Hinder, this is an "Important step" on the path of dialogue with the Muslim world. The UAE is stable but with a dark side.

| 07/12/2018

The clergymen were defended by an association that provides legal aid to persecuted Christians. The Allahbad High Court orders the State of Uttar Pradesh to stop arbitrary arrests. For activist, “It is the duty of the state to ensure that its citizens are not stopped from worshipping the faith they believe in.”

| 07/12/2018

According to a Swiss bank, the richest 1 per cent of the population controls 66.9 per cent of nation’s wealth. The poorest 50 per cent owns 1.7 per cent, whilst the bottom 70 per cent has 5 per cent. Government spokesman says report is based on "outdated information” and is incomplete and unreliable.

| 07/12/2018

They are "fascinating symbols of Christmas, they can bring a reflection of the light and tenderness of God, to families and places of encounter, to help everyone to experience the feast of the birth of Jesus. Contemplating the Child God who radiates light in the humility of the nativity scene , we can also become witnesses of humility, tenderness and goodness ".

| 07/12/2018

The Indonesian government has been in "structural communication" with China for the past year. Jakarta refuses any government-to-government loan. For Indonesian minister, Chinese investment must include Indonesian workers and the most advanced, environmentally friendly technology.

| 07/12/2018

State-owned Global Times writes that "Washington is resorting to a despicable rogue’s approach as it cannot stop Huawei’s 5G advance in the market.” Chinese media, whilst attacking Washington, do not seem to believe that the fragile truce in in the trade war reached in the recent meeting between Trump and Xi Jinping will be affected.

| 07/12/2018

The incident occurred in the district of Bulandshahr. The victim was called Subodh Kumar Singh and had investigated Muslims lynched in the name of "sacred cows". According to a Muslim activist and lawyer, the dynamics of death suggests an execution. The inspector "was hated by sectarian forces".

| 07/12/2018
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Local people protest the annexation of the region to the Federal District of the Far East with means losing the advantages of the Siberian energy tariffs. Fears for the facilities for Chinese refugees who are also assigned a hectare of land and now can also settle on the shores of Lake Baikal, easily acquiring citizenship and property rights.

| 07/12/2018
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by Bernardo Cervellera
The paintings are the work of artist Mauro Valsangiacomo. The exhibition will be open from 15.30 to 18.30 every weekday from December 12 to 23. The Mediterranean as a place of encounter and clash of cultures and peoples; synthesis of civilizations gradually ...
| 29/11/2018
by Kamel Abderrahmani
Tunisian President Caid Essebsi has proposed changes accepted by the Tunisian cabinet. Under Sharia women inherit half the share men get. For the first time the principle of true equality between the sexes is realised in the Muslim world, breaking with ...
| 26/11/2018
Saturday night, a chlorine mortar attack hit the city’s western neighbourhood. Shelling is taking place every evening, the prelate notes. This time, “we saw yellow smoke rise, different from the black and dense columns”. Residents now ...
| 26/11/2018
The letter is addressed to the government authorities, asking for religious freedom, but also to the faithful of the world (and perhaps to the Vatican) asking how to behave in the face of persecution. The loor communities have suffered destructions of ...
| 26/11/2018
Underway since 2014, the project has touched 1.4 million Filipinos. The 2013 disaster affected 3,424,593 families in nine regions, causing the death of 6,193 people and injuring another 28,689. The Catholic Church, together with Caritas, raised about ...
| 17/11/2018
by Joseph
A lay faithful denounces the betrayal of the agreement between China and the Holy See. Priests are obliged to be part of the Patriotic Association, a supporter of a Church that is "independent" of the Holy See. The four priests are known for their pastoral ...
| 14/11/2018
Pakistan, raccolta firme dei giovani focolarini
Cina, demoliti i locali di una parrocchia a Liaocheng 2
Cina, demoliti i locali di una parocchia a Liaocheng 1
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