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04/18/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Denounce and combat trafficking in human beings, a hidden evil
At an audience with participants at the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Pope Francis calls for national and international laws to "ensure the traffickers meet with justice and their unjust gains are reused for the rehabilitation of their victims." The fight against slavery, the work of Christian saints and "many men and women of good will who do not identify with a religion."
Vatican City (AsiaNews) – There is an ‘urgent’ need to report and combat "trafficking in human beings" this new evil that the globalized world wants to hide because it is scandalous and politically incorrect".  New laws need to be found " ensure the traffickers meet with justice and their unjust gains are reused for the rehabilitation of their victims "; make...

Ban Ki-moon has asked for emergency aid and a truce to help the exhausted population, without food, water, medicine, fuel. Riyadh provides $ 274 million in aid, but continues to bomb the cities of Yemen. Saudi policy: UN aid to Yemen, but no ceasefire
by Paul Dakiki
Ban Ki-moon has asked for emergency aid and a truce to help the exhausted population, without food, water, medicine, fuel. Riyadh provides $ 274 million in aid, but continues to bomb the cities of Yemen.
04/18/2015 TAIWAN
Catholic teachers: the Gospel of the family in the digital age
by Xin Yage
A three-day seminar to absorb the wealth of the Synod on the Family and focus on strategies for accompanying youth. The mission of 4 thousand Catholic teachers in the island.
04/18/2015 MALAYSIA
One-fifth of Malaysia’s animals endangered
Tigers and rhinos at risk due to human activity and poaching. According to the World Bank around 70 species of mammals out of 336 in the country are in danger. Activists: "We must act now."
04/18/2015 THAILAND
Military junta drafts new Constitution slashing power of political parties and leaders
Committee drafting the Charter says it will end a decade of conflict and introduce a system of balanced powers. According to critics it weakens government action and seeks to exclude the Shinawatra family from political life of the country

04/18/2015 KAZAKHSTAN
Astana: elites discuss climate change, while children get sick and faint
Seminar on environmental challenges and the use of hydrocarbons in Almaty. Academic and scientific experts discuss economic development of Central Asian nations. But the oil industry is poisoning the land. Dozens of people suffering from fainting because of toxic fumes.
04/17/2015 SRI LANKA
Colombo Port City causing "unimaginable" environmental harm
by Sajeewa Chamikara
Expert tells AsiaNews about the consequences of the Chinese-funded project, which violates Environmental Impact Assessment rules. Sand and granite mining are destroying the local coral reef and marine life, as well as the livelihood of 30,000 fishermen. Beachfront erosion will likely cause damages to coastal houses and hotels as well.
Armenian Genocide: Turkish politicians criticise the EU; Mufti reacts to pope’s words threatening to turn Saint Sophia into a mosque
Erdogan’s moderate Islamist party as well as the Kemalist and right wing nationalist parties issue a statement slamming the European parliament as “partial” and “intolerant”. For the mufti of Ankara, Pope Francis’ statement was "extremely spectacular." For the first time in 85 years, a passage from the Qur’an was recited at Saint Sophia. A symposium during Holy Birth Week was held in Istanbul on “The Prophet and Cohabitation Ethics and Law".
04/17/2015 MYANMAR
Myanmar military clash with Kokang rebels, 16 soldiers killed and over a hundred wounded
by Francis Khoo Thwe
The fighting took place in north-eastern Myanmar, along the border with China. The military told displaced people to return home. But people are afraid of retaliation and more violence. So far, it is unclear how many people have died or are wounded. Aid workers have been denied access to the area where fighting is taking place.
04/17/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Humiliation for its own sake is masochism, but when it is suffered and endured in the name of the Gospel it makes us like Jesus
"In this moment in which so many of our brothers and sisters are being martyred for the sake of Jesus’ Name, they are in this state, they have, in this moment, the joy of having suffered dishonour, and even death, for the Name of Jesus". When we nurse resentments it is inevitable that there will be outbursts. It "happens to me too" admits Francis: " When something is not pleasing, the first feeling is not of God, it is wicked, always".
04/17/2015 SINGAPORE
Singapore’s exports jump by more 18 per cent in March
Last month, the city-state saw its exports increase despite expectations that it would fall due to lower Chinese demand. The drop in oil prices is the main reason. An analyst is unsure whether it will last.
Tajikistani arrested in Moscow for recruiting young people to fight for Islamic state
The accused, Husein Odinamahmadov, allegedly recruited young men for jihad in the Middle East. In Kazakhstan, three men are convicted for a similar crime. Two teenagers are jailed for spreading terrorist ideas and membership in the Islamic state group.
04/17/2015 BANGLADESH
Bishop of Sylhet: Protection for tribal Catholics, victims of expropriation and threats
by Sumon Corraya
At Easter a village inhabited by Khasia suffered a heavy attack from a group of Muslims. The real aim of the aggression was to force the community to abandon the local tea plantation, of which it has legal usufruct. The pastor: "We live in fear."
04/17/2015 CHINA
Beijing, journalist Gao Yu sentenced to seven years for defending human rights
The woman is very famous in the country and in the international community, for her sharp criticism of the political system and Chinese leaders. Convicted of "divulging state secrets", she will appeal. Her brother: "After a year of detention I hardly recognize her. Today she is 71, how can she manage seven years in jail? ". 44 journalists in Chinese prisons.
South China Sea: satellite images confirm Beijing’s" imperialist" policies
China continues to build an airstrip on a contended atoll. Evidence of dredging to enhance port facilities. On site construction of new strips of land in other atolls. Beijing defends them as legitimate operations, in the context of territorial sovereignty. US State Department: these actions do not bring "peace and stability" in the region.

Altri articoli
04/17/2015 ITALY - ISLAM
15 Muslim migrants arrested for throwing 12 Christian refugees into the sea
Saudi Arabia another Indonesian beheaded. "Shock and grief" in Jakarta by Mathias Hariyadi
Saudi war in Yemen masks widening domestic tensions by Afshin Shahi
04/16/2015 INDIA
Agra, four statutes of Our Lady vandalized
04/16/2015 CHINA
As the economy takes a dive, the government is caught between new stimulus measures and a social crisis
Maronite vicar says Israeli police doing nothing to catch vandals who attacked Christian graveyard
04/16/2015 VATICAN
More Catholic believers and priests in the world
04/16/2015 INDIA
Mumbai remembers the Holocaust, together with Pope Francis for Jews and Armenians by Nirmala Carvalho
04/16/2015 CHINA – TIBET
Beijing rejects dialogue on Tibet, calls on Dalai Lama to apologise
04/16/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "He who obeys God has eternal life", while for "he who does not obey, the wrath of God remains on him"
04/16/2015 SOUTH KOREA
Card Yeom: the Sewol tragedy destroyed our values, and needs to be investigated
04/16/2015 TAJIKISTAN
Former jihadist escapes from the Islamic state: We had to kill everyone, without pity
04/16/2015 VIETNAM
Vietnam, hundreds block highway over pollution: clashes with police
04/16/2015 RUSSIA
St. Petersburg Smolny Cathedral restored to Church of, a symbol of the city of the tsars
Editor's choices
Pope: on the persecution of Christians, the international community should "not stand by mute and inactive” and “look away”For the sixth time in a week, Pope Francis mentioned the martyrdom of Christians in today’s Regina Caeli (the Marian prayer at Easter), slamming the indifference of the international community towards this "alarming failure to protect basic human rights.” Today’s martyrs "are many, and we can say that they are more numerous than in the first centuries." In addition, “Faith in the resurrection of Jesus and the hope He has brought to us is the most beautiful gift that a Christian can and must offer his brothers and sisters. To one and all, therefore, do not tire of repeating: Christ is Risen!”
Easter: The silence of the innocent and the gag
by Bernardo CervelleraViolations of religious freedom and the West's hypocricy surrounding this issue are likely to drag the world into an unprecedented chaos. But even in silence - of death accepted for love or death inflicted by power - God is at work. An indestructible hope rises on Easter morning and a small opening of the heart is just enough for it to invade a lifetime. Happy Easter.
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04/16/2015 TAJIKISTAN
Former jihadist escapes from the Islamic state: We had to kill everyone, without pity
04/13/2015 INDIA
Radical Hindu leader calls for the forced sterilisation of Christians and Muslims
by Nirmala Carvalho
04/14/2015 SYRIA
As the conflict escalates, the situation in Aleppo’s Christian quarter worsens, says apostolic vicar
04/13/2015 VATICAN - TURKEY
Erdogan's Turkey threatens "response" to Pope’s affirmation of Armenian "genocide"
04/11/2015 VATICAN
The Holy Year of Mercy sums up “the mystery of the Christian faith”
04/12/2015 VATICAN
Pope: After the genocide, may God grant that the people of Armenia and Turkey take up again the path of reconciliation
04/14/2015 BANGLADESH
Muslims, Hindus, and Christians celebrate peace during Bengali New Year
by Sumon Corraya
04/15/2015 TURKEY – VATICAN
And the sultan "warned" the pope
04/11/2015 VATICAN
Pope: a Jubilee of Mercy so that the Church may recover the sense of mission the Lord entrusted in her
04/16/2015 RUSSIA
St. Petersburg Smolny Cathedral restored to Church of, a symbol of the city of the tsars


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