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by Wang Zhicheng | CHINA – VATICAN

Card Pietro Parolin also appears to have distanced himself from any imminent agreement on episcopal appointments. Mgr Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, praises China, calling it an influential power that respects human dignity and the planet. For him, the critics of the Sino-Vatican agreement are "a little minority", loud “but there are not very many of them.”


Women must have the permission of a male relative to travel. The young woman asked her father, whom she had not seen in six years, to get the travel document. When he refused, she went to the court. The case set off a debate on social media.

| 22/09/2018

The League’s general secretary made the announcement yesterday. The organisation, which promotes "pan-Islamism", wants the meeting open to all Islamic and Christian confessions. The “dark page” in Sunni-Shia relations must be turned. Iran’s extremist confessional policies are criticised. What is needed is a return to an Islam that is open to the world and other religions.

| 21/09/2018

Marriage and family are “ordered for the good of humanity". Singaporeans are discussing whether to abolish the section in the Penal Code that criminalises same-sex relations. Laws “must be rooted in truth and the common good.”

| 21/09/2018
by Stefano Caprio

Starting tomorrow until 25 September, the pontiff will visit Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Pope John Paul II visited the three Baltic states in 1993. In Vilnius, Francis will visit the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights and remember the martyrs at the Hill of Crosses. Local Churches are strongly committed to ecumenism. Mercy is the main theme.

| 21/09/2018

The statement slams the destruction of churches and crosses, the ban on religious education for children, and the pressures to join Party-controlled bodies. One scholar notes that “Some suggest that because Christians’ allegiance is first and foremost to God and not the Communist Party, there is a conflict of interests that the party believes can potentially hinder the process of unification.”

| 21/09/2018
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by Fr Stanislaus

A priest in charge of a Henan parish complains about the ban on displaying sacred images and attempts by the faithful to accommodate government authorities. The faith cannot be abandoned or betrayed, nor can it be negotiated. What cannot be asserted or defended in public is not faith.

| 05/09/2018
by Wang Zhicheng

In Shanghai the "basic values ​​of socialism" are exalted on the pediment of the church. A painting of the Last Supper removed in Henan. Communities forced to sing patriotic hymns. Shaolin Monastery in Shaoshan must hold a flag-raising ceremony every morning. "The churches seem more and more like government offices".

| 28/08/2018

Those with "strong religious beliefs" must be re-educated or expelled. Spreading "political rumours" and distorting the country’s history are banned.

| 27/08/2018
by Franco Pisano

At the end of the trip to Ireland, Francis renews his appeal for forgiveness for the abuses committed by people in the Church. But a dossier by the former nuncio in the US accuses him of covering the misdeeds of former Cardinal McCarrick and calls for him to resign.

| 27/08/2018
Avanza la sinicizzazione: la croce di una chiesa protestante bruciata ad Anyang
Qianwang Church demolished 2
Qianwang Church demolished
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