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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
05/30/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Euthanasia and abortion, attacks on human life equal to war and terrorism
Francis receives participants in the meeting sponsored by the Science and Life Association in audience: "I see your association as hands reaching out to other hands to sustain life." A just society "recognizes the primary right to life from conception to its natural end," but "must also go further and reflect on the use we make of it."
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Euthanasia, abortion, the migrant boat tragedies, death from malnutrition or at work, terrorism, war and violence are all "attacks on the sanctity of human life" over which a civilized society should...

05/30/2015 LEBANON
Hopes for a miracle as Cardinal Mamberti arrives in Lebanon
by Fady Noun
After arriving in Beirut yesterday, the prelate is set to speak with civil and religious authorities about election of the President of the Republic and the situation of Christians in general. "In this we have to see the expression of the interest and concern of the Holy Father, who is closely following events in Lebanon and the Middle East. "
05/30/2015 ASIA
More and bloodier wars in world: 180 thousand victims in 2014
The data from the International Institute of Strategic Studies show a 60%increase of victims of world conflicts over the past two years. The bloodiest war in Syria. In 2013 wars displaced 50 million people in the world: this figure had not been reached since WWII.
Football, volleyball and karaoke on the disputed islands. Manila and Hanoi strengthen anti-Beijing alliance
Theatre of the "special" exercises in recent days between Vietnamese and the Philippine military personnel on island of Northeast Cay. Philippine official: fun and strengthening "relations" between the two navies. International analysts: Asia "network of informal alliances in evolution" to counter China.
05/30/2015 CHINA
China, maxi arrest in theft of archaeological artefacts dating back to 3,000 BC
Police in the province of Liaoning have recovered 1,168 artifacts, including a priceless jade dragon. Those arrested are accused of theft and illegal sale of antiquities. Four archaeologists and many business people involved. A thousand police agents involved in seizure.

Tashkent and Seoul agree to boost bilateral economic ties
The two countries will closely cooperate in various economic fields, including technology, health care and security. Uzbekistan will create a favorable environment for South Korean companies. The latter will combine their expertise with Uzbek natural resources. Uzbekistan is ready to support Seoul’s peace plans vis-à-vis North Korea and back its railway project to Europe.
Myanmar against UN at ASEAN summit on migrants
ASEAN summit opens in Bangkok to address migrant emergency. Myanmar’s chief delegate slams UNHRC, which called on his country to grant citizenship to the Rohingya. UN sources say that at least 2,600 migrants are still out at sea. There is little hope that the summit will find a solution.
05/29/2015 VATICAN
Pope: New Evangelization, address the "great challenges" of our time with a "renewed" language and bearing witness to the faith
The challenge of the new evangelization and catechesis depends on one fundamental point: "how to encounter Christ, what is the most consistent place to find Him and follow Him." "The question of how we are educating in the faith, therefore, is not rhetorical, but essential. The answer requires courage, creativity and decision to undertake sometimes still unexplored roads. "
05/29/2015 ISLAM
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation slams Islamic States outrages
A statement by the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) comes out against the Islamic State group and al-Qaida. Defeating the terrorists needs "drying up the sources of funding of terrorism”.
05/29/2015 INDIA
Criticism of Modi forbidden: University expels a student club
The Ambedkar Periyar Student Circle (APSC) is accused of "spreading hatred" against the Prime Minister criticizing his policies and the ongoing reconversions to Hinduism. An anonymous complaint from radical Hindus triggered the expulsion. The study group is inspired by the ideas of the Dalit BR Ambedkar, one of the "founding fathers" of India.
05/29/2015 VATICAN
Pope: God help us not to be selfish or profiteers, but to have a "life of faith" that "works wonders"
There are "three ways of living." There are those who "live for themselves; quiet, selfish", "Jesus condemns spiritual barrenness ", then there are "those who make a business out of religion" and finally there is the life of faith, for which" whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have obtained and it will happen to you. "
05/29/2015 IRAQ – IRAN
Mar Sako: transcending war for a future of reconciliation and dialogue between Christians and Muslims
The patriarch of Baghdad looks at the future of Christians in the Middle East, which will be "even better" when conflict ends. Through AsiaNews, he called for "patience and prayer,” highlighting the role Christians play as a "bridge" between faiths and cultures. During his pastoral visit to Iran, he met a strong community "that can grow. He also proposed a joint Christian-Islamic committee.
05/29/2015 NEPAL
Nepal’s government blocks "all unauthorized movement" in bid to stop child trafficking
by Christopher Sharma
The authorities in Kathmandu decide that minors can travel only if accompanied by a parent or guardian. The trips must be approved by the District Councils. The police report the death of over 5 thousand children, probably kidnapped or exploited by human traffickers. Catholic organizations at the forefront of the protection of children earthquake victims.
Kuala Lumpur: No entry visas for Hong Kong pro-democracy activists
Malaysian authorities arrested Hong Kong lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung at Penang International Airport to prevent him from taking part in a forum on the Tiananmen crackdown. After a brief detention, he was repatriated. Joshua Wong, a major figure in the Occupy Central movement, suffered the same fate a few days earlier. “We do not want him to jeopardise our ties with China,” said Malaysian police chief.
05/29/2015 THAILAND
Bangkok, junta sentences "Yellow Shirt" leaders over 2008 clashes
Six leaders of the protest movement, who lead an occupation of the Government House, were sentenced to two years. Released on bail, pending appeal, they are not allowed to travel abroad.

Altri articoli
05/29/2015 SYRIA
Islamists and al Qaeda conquer Ariha. Idlib province now under their control
05/28/2015 SRI LANKA
Rising rates of liver disease and cancer among Sri Lankan farmers by Melani Manel Perera
05/28/2015 SINGAPORE
Singapore to build five mega childcare facilities on undeveloped land by 2016
05/28/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh to deport 32,000 Rohingya to an island because they harm tourism
05/28/2015 INDIA
India: promises and realities of Modi’s Nationalist government (one year on) by Nirmala Carvalho
05/28/2015 IRAQ - IRAN
Patriarch of Baghdad: Iran’s Chaldeans, "light, salt and leaven" in the Church of Persia by Louis Raphael I Sako*
05/28/2015 PHILIPPINES
Caritas and Filipino farmers against government repression of peaceful demonstration
05/28/2015 VATICAN
Pope: selfish, worldly or rigorous Christians, draw people away from Jesus
05/28/2015 CHINA
China celebrates one million millionaires
Husband accuses wife of cheating because she chatted with men on her mobile
05/28/2015 TIBET - CHINA
Tibet, mother of two dies after setting herself on fire to protest Chinese repression
05/28/2015 CHINA - RUSSIA
Moscow wants to "restore" Russian sites and monuments in Northeast China by Nina Achmatova
05/27/2015 HONG KONG
The Missionaries of Charity see the poor as benefactors, thanks to them they can serve Jesus
05/27/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh, two men arrested for the rape of tribal Catholic girl by Sumon Corraya
Editor's choices
Vigil for persecuted Christians, our teachers in the mission in the West
by Bernardo CervelleraThe "wall of indifference and cynicism" and the silence and apathy so often denounced by Pope Francis have become almost a fortress. Such persecution reflects confessional manipulation, which slams Islam as such, and ideological manipulation, which forgets what is happening in North Korea or China. An increasingly post-Christian Europe seems disinterested in Christians.
Moscow Patriarchate: China authorises the ordination of Chinese Orthodox priests on its territory
by Marta AllevatoMetropolitan Hilarion, the Moscow Patriarchate’s ‘foreign minister’, made the announcement after a visit to China where he met the leaders of the State Administration for Religious Affairs. The first priest should serve in Harbin. Two more ordinations are expected. With a new Cold War as the background, the Moscow-Beijing strategic alliance also has a Church connection with the People's Republic recognising the latter’s 'political' role in Russia.
Top 10
05/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Christianity is a radical choice: you cannot have "heaven and earth"
05/25/2015 PAKISTAN
Lahore, Muslims set Christian colony ablaze: new charges of blasphemy
by Jibran Khan
05/25/2015 MYANMAR - ASIA
Yangon Cardinal: Myanmar has a moral duty to resolve the Rohingya crisis
by Charles Maung Bo*
05/26/2015 INDIA
Bosco’s story or “the gift of sobriety through the mantle of Mary’s love”
by Bosco Pereira
05/23/2015 VATICAN
For pope, labour must be "free, creative, participatory and mutually-supportive"
05/24/2015 VATICAN
For pope, “The world needs men and women who are not closed in on themselves, but filled with the Holy Spirit”
05/23/2015 SYRIA
Nuncio in Damascus: no news about Fr Mourad, not even about who abducted him
05/29/2015 VATICAN
Pope: New Evangelization, address the "great challenges" of our time with a "renewed" language and bearing witness to the faith
05/28/2015 IRAQ - IRAN
Patriarch of Baghdad: Iran’s Chaldeans, "light, salt and leaven" in the Church of Persia
by Louis Raphael I Sako*
05/25/2015 INDIA
Odisha: Christian minister imprisoned on (false) accusations of forced conversions
by Nirmala Carvalho


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