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Netanyahu worried more about elections back home that about Iran's nuclear programme
by Joshua Lapide
The Israeli prime minister wants to stop the "bad deal" with Iran that could "threaten the survival of Israel." Obama retorts that Netanyahu's dark predictions never came true. At home, some believe Netanyahu sought this visit to boost his chances at re-election. For ordinary Israelis, there is too much talk about Iran and nothing about domestic issues and peace with the Palestinians.
Jerusalem (AsiaNews) - Just two weeks before Israel's general elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the United States to speak before Congress and meet the American Israel Public Affairs...

03/03/2015 INDIA
In India, the Pious Disciples of the Divine Master beat indifference through worship
by Nirmala Carvalho
The congregation has many chapels across the country, all open to Hindus, Muslims and Christians. During her fraternal visit, the Pauline superior general found a growing and developing nation. It is important not to lose from sight that 'Atithi Devo Bhav', the guest is God. We should regain the ability to share not only material goods, but also time and space.
Cambodia deports 36 Vietnamese Montagnards, fleeing persecution
The group was stopped in a forested area north-east of the capital. A Cambodian, an ethnic Charai who led the group, was also arrested. Vietnamese and Cambodian police were involved in the joint operation that led to repatriation of the refugees.
03/03/2015 NEPAL
Hindu fundamentalists threatened peace and stability in Nepal
by Christopher Sharma
Deputy Prime Minister Bamdev Gautam presents a security report to parliament. The authorities have stepped up surveillance of radical and monarchist groups. Some leftwing and separatist groups are also a danger.
03/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "a thousand times Jesus preferred sinners" to hypocrites
"In the second week of Lent we have these three words to think about, to ponder: the invitation to conversion; the gift that the Lord will give us, which is great forgiveness, a great forgiveness; and the trap, that is, pretending to convert, while choosing the path of hypocrisy. "

03/03/2015 INDONESIA
Indonesian activists promote a bridge between business interests and worker's rights
by Mathias Hariyadi
Civil society and corporate groups as well as international organisations try to reconcile ethics and business interests in order to boost cooperation, and address common problems and interests. In doing so, they can uphold UN standard for business practices.
03/03/2015 EGYPT - ISLAM
Bombs, elections, and convictions on Egypt's path
by André Azzam
A bomb attack yesterday in Cairo killed two people and wounded nine. Two more people died two days ago in Aswan. Many praise al-Sisi's iron fist; others criticise him for being illiberal. The elections planned for March and May were postponed after the Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional the existing election law. Some Islamists get the death penalty and a number of Arab spring protesters get heavy prison sentences. The president of the Federation of Protestant Churches believes in a better future for Egypt.
03/03/2015 CHINA
China sets its sights on economies of Central Asia
Beijing is investing in the manufacturing sector in Kazakhstan. Tajikistan receives $ 200 million from Beijing to for lead extraction. China’s goal is to limit Russian influence in Central Asia. Experts say China wants to infiltrate the vast market of the Eurasian Economic Union and contain the threat of terrorism in Xinjiang.
03/03/2015 PAKISTAN
Pakistan, polio eradication: hundreds of parents arrested for refusing to vaccinate children
Pakistani authorities have arrested and imprisoned at least 470 parents and issued arrest warrants for hundreds of others. It is the first mass arrest to take place in the country. They are charged with "endangering" public health by refusing to vaccinate children. Pakistan is one of three countries in the world where the disease is still endemic.
03/03/2015 TAIWAN
Taiwan, conversion becomes mission even in the media
by Xin Yage
Dean Ferng received baptism last Christmas, after drawing near to the Catholic faith by the witness of Christians he met in his life: "They have a goal, a vision, they know where they want to go." He is now working to introduce the Pope more thanks to two documentaries, which will be aired on national television.
North Korea, Protestant pastor "missing" for over a month
The Rev. Lim Hyeon-soo, from the Light Korean Presbyterian Church of Toronto, was in the Asian country for a humanitarian visit. He was due to return February 4, but there has been no news of him since January 31. The religious leader has made more than 100 trips to the land of the Kim-regime.
03/02/2015 PAKISTAN
Lahore: 'charity travels' for a Lent of prayer and sharing
by Kamran Chaudhry
Each year, the archdiocese offers its members a number of day-trips to some of the country's places of suffering (and hope): homes for the mentally disabled, orphanages, centres for troubled children, as well as Mariamabad, one of the most beloved Marian shrine in the whole of South Asia. At the Dar ul-Karishma Centre, the Sisters of Charity welcome people with psychiatric problems.
03/02/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh holds man over blogger Avijit Roy's murder
by Sumon Corraya
The suspect had been arrested previously for inciting attacks against writers and intellectuals. The murder victim, a US citizen of Bangladeshi origin, was hacked to death with a machete. Islamist extremists threatened publicly to kill him last year after the publication of his book 'Biswasher Virus,' Bengali for 'Virus of faith'.
03/02/2015 INDIA
India's 2015-2016 budget calls for growth, but on the back of children
by Nirmala Carvalho
Lenin Raghuvanshi, director of the People's Vigilance Committee for Human Rights (PVCHR), slams the Finance minister's financial bill. Large infrastructure and energy investments come with heavy cuts in educational and development programmes for the country's children.
03/02/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Judging ourselves to obtain and offer mercy
At Mass in Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis emphasizes that judging ourselves is the first step of Christian wisdom. Recognizing the envy that leads us to "speak ill of others", that we are capable of doing worse things than which we judge others for. "Who am I to judge?" obeys the exhortation of Jesus: Judge not lest you be judged.

Altri articoli
03/02/2015 SYRIA - ISLAM
Islamic State group frees 19 Syrian Christians in Syria after a ransom is paid
03/02/2015 MYANMAR
Yangon cardinal calls for dialogue between military and ethnic militias to end conflict in Myanmar by Francis Khoo Thwe
03/02/2015 PHILIPPINES
Caritas Philippines: Lent with Francis, against the globalization of indifference
03/02/2015 THAILAND
Four Thai fishermen held captive by Somali pirates for five years are freed by Weena Kowitwanij
03/02/2015 IRAQ
Baghdad launches offensive to wrest Tikrit from Islamic State
03/02/2015 KOREA - USA
Pyongyang fires two missiles at launch of Seoul-Washington exercises
03/02/2015 RUSSIA
Tens of thousands flood Red Square in memory of Nemtsov
03/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Let us not forget those who are suffering in Syria, Iraq and Venezuela; let us pray for them
02/28/2015 VATICAN
Pope encourages the growth of cooperatives as an economic model that serves the common good
02/28/2015 RUSSIA
A leading opponent to Vladimir Putin murdered in Moscow
02/28/2015 PHILIPPINES
Filipino Church: helping women and families in crisis against abortion
02/28/2015 LEBANON
Bishop Baïssari dies poor, but rich in Christian virtues by Fady Noun
02/28/2015 VIETNAM
Saigon: Catholic activist follows Don Bosco and helps Christian and non-Christian blind kids by NC
02/27/2015 NEPAL
Nepal's Supreme Court rules against civil war amnesty
Editor's choices
What Tayeb and Sisi said is big step towards a revolution in Islam
by Samir Khalil SamirThe grand imam of Al-Azhar slammed literalist interpretations of the Qur'an and the Sunnah, as fundamentalists and Islamic terrorists do. He supports the urgent need for Islam's reform, especially in terms of teaching lay people and clerics. He also calls for an end to mutual excommunication (takfir) between Sunnis and Shias. Egyptian President al-Sisi chose to fight the Islamic state group after it beheaded 21 Coptic Christians, whom he called "Egyptian citizens" with full rights.
For head of Al-Azhar, religious education reform is needed to stop Islamic extremismFor Ahmed al-Tayeb, it is urgent to come up with new educational programmes to avoid "corrupt interpretations" of the Qur'an and Sunnah. Islamic terrorism undermines the unity of the Muslim world. He blames Mideast tensions on a "new global colonialism allied to world Zionism". a speech by the Saudi king is read at the conference.
Top 10
03/02/2015 SYRIA - ISLAM
Islamic State group frees 19 Syrian Christians in Syria after a ransom is paid
02/25/2015 SYRIA
IS abducts 150 Christians, rapes and kills women, a "tragic situation" for vicar to Aleppo
03/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Let us not forget those who are suffering in Syria, Iraq and Venezuela; let us pray for them
02/26/2015 SYRIA
IS holding more than 250 Christians, for vicar to Aleppo, pope's prayers are a source of courage
02/26/2015 BANGLADESH
Prostitution and forced labour: trafficking in human beings in Bangladesh
by Sumon Corraya
Montagnard Christians continue to flee to Cambodia, but are running out of food and supplies
02/28/2015 VATICAN
Pope encourages the growth of cooperatives as an economic model that serves the common good
02/25/2015 MACAO - CHINA
Beijing's anti-corruption drive sinks Macau casinos
02/26/2015 EGYPT - LIBYA - ISLAM
The pain of the families of the 21 beheaded Egyptian martyrs, praise for Egypt's offensive in Libya
by André Azzam
02/27/2015 EGYPT - LIBYA - ISLAM
The Lent of the 21 Egyptian Copts martyred in Libya
by Bernardo Cervellera


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