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10/31/2014 CHINA
Halloween in Beijing, police warn: Anyone dressing up will be arrested
The ban on Halloween costumes is limited to the underground and is part of a wider number of restrictions in place for the upcoming APEC summit to be held in the Chinese capital. The authorities justify "Costumes can cause crowds and problems."
Beijing (AsiaNews) - Police in the Chinese capital have warned the people that if take the underground wearing a Halloween costume, they risk arrest. Although Halloween is now a tradition in China, limited to young people and upper middle class, the authorities say that the costumes traditionally worn on...

Ashraf Ghani offers China cooperation against Islamic terrorism in exchange for aid
The afghan president is in Beijing on his first official trip abroad. To Xi Jinping, he vowed to tackle Islamist-controlled pockets on the border with Pakistan. By 2017, Beijing will provide Kabul with US$ 327 million dollars in aid.
10/30/2014 VATICAN
Pope: in a Europe where there is "thirst for God," Catholics and Old Catholics should bear credible witness to the Gospel
During an audience with bishops from the Union of Utrecht, Francis recognises "the increasing distance between us on matters of ministry and ethical discernment." Nevertheless, it is "possible to build new bridges of a more profound mutual understanding and practical co-operation". Indeed, "In prayer for and with one another, our differences are taken up and overcome in fidelity to the Lord and his Gospel."
10/30/2014 THAILAND - ITALY
For Thai Buddhists, Francis, the "missionary" pope, embodies the spirit of Assisi, Fr Sala says
by Dario Salvi
Fr Valerio Sala has been a PIME priest in the Asian country for the past five years. He describes how he came to his vocation and how he developed his missionary zeal after a brief stint in Africa. He explains how globalisation and relativism have deeply penetrated Thai culture, as well as the challenges they represent. For him, Christ is the basis for a true "social and moral change."
10/30/2014 TUNISIA
Secularist party wins Tunisia elections
The Nidaa Tounes party wins 85 seats, defeating Ennahda, the main Islamist party. Tunisia was the first country in the Middle East to experience the Arab Spring and the only one to go through a real democratic transition.

Manila: Card Tagle tells reporters to stop dividing the Church in good and bad
Upon his return home from the Extraordinary Synod on the family, the archbishop of the Filipino capital discussed what was done. He also urged the media to stop generalising. "Conservatives, liberals, or traditionalists are wrong categories that prevent listening." In general, coverage was "dominated by the West." There should be more "Asian and African journalists".
10/30/2014 VATICAN
Pope: "The devil exists" and "we have to fight him”, “girded in truth” “armored with justice”.
"This generation - and many others - were led to believe that the devil is a myth, a figure, an idea, the idea of evil. But the devil exists and we have to fight him". "The salvation that Jesus gives us is free", but we are called to defend it.
10/30/2014 JAPAN
Tokyo, the families of Yasukuni war victims: remove criminals from the sanctuary
The site is one of the "hot spots" of Asian geopolitics. Among the 2.5 million Japanese war dead honored in the temple is the names of 14 war criminals who have committed atrocities in China and Korea. Prime Minister Abe has always gone there, while the emperor has never gone.
10/30/2014 ISRAEL
Palestinian killed in Jerusalem suspected of having shot a rabbi
Police say the man suspected of the attack opened fire on counter-terrorism agents that had surrounded his house. The rabbi is the leader of a right-wing movement that wants Jews to be allowed pray on the Temple Mount, home to the al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock.
10/30/2014 SOUTH KOREA
Korea, Msgr. Kim elected president of Bishops. Bishop You to Justice and Peace
The bishops' conference concludes its plenary assembly convened to elect the new leadership of the episcopate. The Archbishop of Gwangju chosen by a large majority, his deputy will be Msgr. Chang. The Bishop of Daejeon, entrusted the most “sensitive” Commission. For Christ the King, a fundraiser for the Christians of Syria and Iraq.
Manila orders repatriation of citizens from African nations affected by Ebola
The overseas workers in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone will be subject to 21 days quarantine. The government has adopts "voluntary repatriation" for at least 900 people. With 10 million workers abroad the country is considered "highly vulnerable" to deadly epidemics.
10/30/2014 SRI LANKA
Sri Lanka, rescue operations hampered: more than 300 people buried alive by mud
by Melani Manel Perera
Bad weather prevents rescuers from freeing the village of Meeriyabedda inhabited by tea growers, swept away by a landslide. Except for the children who had left early to go to school.
10/29/2014 PHILIPPINES
Filipino Church builds more than 1,600 housing units for Yolanda victims
New, permanent units were built in all nine ecclesiastical sees hit by the typhoon. The aim is to complete at least 3,000 units by the end of the year. For NASSA executive secretary, many families have already received their shelter. The priest calls on the government to hurry up; so far it has not yet handed out the aid it had promised.
10/29/2014 MIDDLE EAST - ISLAM
Only Christians can show Muslims the "mad utopia" of the Islamic State
by Fady Noun 

Superstitions, rituals, deportation, rape, summary justice and indoctrination are the foundations upon which the power of terrorists rests. The latter want to create a theocratic and regressive "perfect city". But utopias generate terror and monsters like Communism and Nazism. Christians have a duty to show Muslims the "true face" of their religion as well as its "elements of violence."
10/29/2014 RUSSIA
The victims of Stalinist terror remembered In Moscow's Lubyanka Square
Memorial organised today's 'Return of the names', 12-hour reading of the names of those executed in the 1930s for political reasons. Almost half of Russians now believe that they too will expression the same repression in their lifetime.

Altri articoli
10/29/2014 INDIA
For Indian Jesuit, radical Hindu news service is a "tragedy" for democracy
10/29/2014 CHINA - HONG KONG
Beijing tells Hong Kong delegates they can speak about Occupy, but must be careful about what they say
10/29/2014 VATICAN
Pope calls for "every effort to eradicate" "relentless disease", Ebola
10/29/2014 EGYPT - PALESTINE
Egypt decides to create a buffer zone along the border with the Gaza Strip
10/29/2014 NEPAL - CHINA - TIBET
Nepalese government: No more refugees from Tibet by Christopher Sharma
Kurdish peshmerga arrive in Turkey to fight in Kobane
10/29/2014 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh, Islamic Party leader gets death sentence
10/29/2014 SINGAPORE
Singapore is "the best country in the world" for business and enterprise
10/28/2014 PAKISTAN
Malala not alone as Pakistan's gender gap gets wider
10/28/2014 VATICAN
Pope: "No family without a home. No farmer without land. No worker with rights"
Fr Belisario: From Colombia to Bangladesh, the "madness" of the mission by Bernardo Cervellera
Turkmenistan to free conscientious objectors
10/28/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Jesus builds the Church, which we must enter, not linger on the threshold
10/28/2014 IRAQ - ITALY
Letter from Archbishop of Mosul: Thank you for your aid, supporting the plight of refugees by Amel Nona
Editor's choices
Letter from Archbishop of Mosul: Thank you for your aid, supporting the plight of refugees
by Amel NonaThe donations made through the "Adopt a Christian from Mosul" campaign are used to buy food, warm clothes, blankets for refugees and rent houses or caravans given the early onset of winter and. Two women have defended their Christian faith before the Islamist militants who wanted to convert them, despite the threat of death. A refugee among refugees, Msgr. Nona discovers a new way of being a pastor.
Almost 700,000 euros raised as the 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul' campaign continues
by Bernardo CervelleraA second instalment is sent with funds raised in September. The fate of East-West relations is being played out in the Middle East and Iraq. Pope Francis and the Synod issue an appeal. Governments are lukewarm. Aid is coming from around the world. A new international community is defeating the "globalisation of indifference."
Top 10
10/26/2014 VATICAN
Pope: With Jesus, love is the measure of faith, and faith is the soul of love
10/25/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Never before has the family been under such attack, Church renewal starts from the heart
10/28/2014 IRAQ - ITALY
Letter from Archbishop of Mosul: Thank you for your aid, supporting the plight of refugees
by Amel Nona
Pope Francis encourages Card Zen, "the one who fights with a 'sling'"
UN seeks US$ 2.2 billion dollars for displaced people in Iraq and Syria
10/29/2014 NEPAL - CHINA - TIBET
Nepalese government: No more refugees from Tibet
by Christopher Sharma
10/30/2014 VATICAN
Pope: "The devil exists" and "we have to fight him”, “girded in truth” “armored with justice”.
10/27/2014 VATICAN
A "great pope", Francis calls Pope Benedict XVI, "great for his intellect, great for his significant contribution to theology, great for his love for the Church"
10/24/2014 INDIA - VATICAN
Indian activist: The Pope's words on the death penalty and life in prison, a stimulus for reform
by Nirmala Carvalho
Silicon Valley: US firm "grossly" exploits Indian workers at a dollar an hour


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