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07/25/2014 INDONESIA
Jakarta: new president thanks bishops for encouraging Catholics to vote
by Mathias Hariyadi
Joko Widodo pays a courtesy call to the Indonesian Bishops' Conference, where he met with its president, Archbishop of Jakarta Mgr Suharyo. Padang bishop tells AsiaNews that his election is "a blessing" that brings a "new national spirit", "unity of the people" and "social ethics" to the country.
Jakarta (AsiaNews) - Indonesia's president-elect, Joko Widodo, paid a visit to the headquarters of the Indonesian Bishops Conference (KWI) to thank the Catholic Church for encouraging its followers to exercise "with conscience and freedom" their right to vote during the presidential elections last 9 July. Widodo, also known as "Jokowi", met with Mgr Ignatius...

07/25/2014 MYANMAR
For Yangon archbishop, Myanmar's ethnic groups are part of a single family
Mgr Charles Bo makes the point in his message for the feast day of St Anne and St Joachim. The prelate notes that ancestor worship is an integral part of the oriental culture. For this reason, there is an "urgent need to unify in one Myanmar family ", leaving aside hatred because "blood and tears" have no religion.
07/25/2014 ASIA
Air disasters: 2014 could beat 2005 in terms of fatalities
So far this year, 680 people have died, higher than 12-month totals for the past three years. With 916 deaths, 2005 was the worst year. IATA points out that about 100,000 flights take place every day without incident with passenger trips on airlines exceeding three billion last year.
07/25/2014 JAPAN
Japanese trade deficit hits record levels in first six months of the year
Trade deficit tops 7.6 trillion yen (US$ 74.9 billion) as exports fail to keep pace with imports. Higher sales tax and higher fuel and gas imports because of nuclear power plant closures push Japan's trade balance into the red.
07/25/2014 INDIA
Jharkhand, a journey among children crippled by uranium contamination
For years, environmental groups have denounced the living conditions of the inhabitants of the villages around Jaduguda, India’s first uranium mine. The majority of children suffer from severe physical deformities, which often lead to their death. Activisits denounce the dumping of toxic waste products. The president of the company that operates the mine claims the children "were brought here on purpose."

07/25/2014 CAMBODIA
Sam Rainsy and opposition party end year long boycott and return to parliament
An agreement with Prime Minister Hun Sen will allow him to sit in parliament, as well as constitutional and electoral reforms. Eight members of the opposition party, arrested last week to be released.
As efforts to stop the war in Gaza intensify, death toll tops 800
Israel and Hamas are vetting a proposal US Secretary of State John Kerry for a temporary ceasefire, during which the parties meet to seek a wider agreement with Egypt's mediation. Yesterday, Israel hit a UN hospital in Gaza, killing at least 15 civilians.
07/25/2014 KYRGYZSTAN
Bishkek: Supreme Court outlaws Ahmadis
The country's highest judicial authority rejects the appeal filed by the community for state registration and freedom of worship. In practice, it will also be impossible for Ahmadis to pray in private. The ruling "is equal to banning us in Kyrgyzstan," a believer says.
07/25/2014 INDONESIA
Jakarta, former general Subianto begins "final battle" after election defeat
by Mathias Hariyadi
The retired army officer is appealing to the Constitutional Court over alleged fraud during the vote against Joko Widodo. Widodo responds by reaching out, "Stop fighting, let us unite to better Indonesia."
07/25/2014 CHINA
Shandong, flurry of arrests against Church of Almighty God members
A group of 5 members, that the state has outlawed as an "evil cult," beat to death a woman who had refused to join them. The murder has sparked public outrage because, during the violence, no one intervened to help the victim. "Hundreds" of other members arrested by the police.
Bishop of Bangladesh: Stop Israeli attacks on Gaza, a humanitarian tragedy
by Sumon Corraya
Msgr. Gervas Rozario, President of the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace, condemns war on the Gaza Strip. The prelate also criticizes the actions of Hamas: "Terrorism generates terrorism, we need to embark on a path of dialogue and reconciliation”. Every day in Bangladesh, people of all religions and social backgrounds peacefully demonstrate against the Israeli attacks.
07/24/2014 VATICAN - SUDAN
Pope meets Meriam, thanks her for her courageous witness of faith
Today at Domus Sanctae Marthae, Francis received the Sudanese woman, jailed in recent months for her faith, together with her husband and two sons. "Francis wanted to express his closeness, concern and prayers for all those who suffer for their faith," said Father Lombardi.
07/24/2014 INDIA
Fr Nithya: Hunger and extreme poverty hinder human development in India
by Nirmala Carvalho
Fr Nithya OFM talks to AsiaNews about the 2014 Human Development Report. Based on the Index of Human Development, the studies ranks India 135th out of 187 countries. For the clergyman, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's economic promises "mock the poor and the marginalised."
07/24/2014 SUDAN - ITALY
Meriam free at last in Rome where she could meet the Pope
Sentenced to death for apostasy, the young Sudanese Christian woman arrived in Italy on an Italian government plane. Her story had sparked protests across the non-Muslim world. "Today is a day of celebration," said Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. "The Pope has been informed," said Father Lombardi.
07/24/2014 INDONESIA
Purwokerto: Muslims in parish hall to break Ramadan fast
by Mathias Hariyadi
A priest from Banjarnegara Regency, the "heartland" of Islamic Indonesia, calls on "all people of good will" to eat together after sunset. Gus Khayatul Maki, the local leader of the Islamic Defenders Front, attends the event, speaks in favour of pluralism and religious tolerance. In Java, a priest involves more than 90 young people in a two-day event dedicated to interreligious dialogue.

Altri articoli
Pope sends condolences to Archbishop of Taipei for Magong plane crash
07/24/2014 SRI LANKA
Bishop of Mannar: Pope Francis’ visit, a consolation for victims of war
Gaza war, the death toll grows; 150 Palestinians imprisoned and stripped naked
07/24/2014 PHILIPPINES
Mindanao's only Christian municipality does not want to be part of Islamic region
07/24/2014 LEBANON - IRAQ
For Syriac Orthodox patriarch, "Mosul must be retaken" by Fady Noun
07/24/2014 JAPAN - KOREA
Tokyo government to make “officially apology” to Korean comfort women
07/24/2014 IRAQ - UN
Baghdad Patriarch to Ban Ki-moon: UN cannot stand by in silence as Christians are being massacred
07/23/2014 INDONESIA
Defeated candidate set to appeal to Indonesia's Constitutional Court
07/23/2014 MACAU - CHINA
Beijing's censorship and Macau universities
07/23/2014 SRI LANKA
Sri Lanka: Navy officers rape two children aged 11 and 9
07/23/2014 SOUTH KOREA
Seoul: Buddhist nuns rap and pray to attract young people
07/23/2014 NEPAL
Catholic Church is "best" in protecting human rights in Nepal by Christopher Sharma
07/23/2014 JAPAN - MONGOLIA
Tokyo and Ulaanbaatar sign deal to cut duties, agree on mediation with Pyongyang
07/23/2014 CHINA
The plague detected in Gansu: 30 thousand people in Yumen under quarantine
Editor's choices
Pope: I am with the persecuted Christians of Mosul and the Middle East "May the God of peace inspire in all a genuine desire for dialogue and reconciliation. Violence is never defeated with violence. Violence is defeated with peace." At the Sunday Angelus Francis comments on the parable of the wheat and the weeds. God is "patient" He knows "the same weeds in the end, may become good wheat". But "at the time of the harvest, that is, of judgment, the reapers will execute the order of the master separating the weeds to be burned".
Beijing, seminarians desert graduation ceremony: We will not celebrate Mass with illegitimate bishops The rector of the seminary is the illegitimate bishop Joseph Ma Yinglin: Students refuse to concelebrate with him and reject Msgr. Fang Xingyao, who has participated in several illegal episcopal ordinations. The directors close the year without awarding diplomas and send students home: rumors of some courses being "suspended" in September. The precedent of 2000, when 130 young students chose fidelity to the Pope over compromise with the government.
Top 10
07/20/2014 VATICAN
Pope: I am with the persecuted Christians of Mosul and the Middle East
07/21/2014 SOUTH KOREA
K-Pop idol, Rain, converts to Catholicism: For the faith, not for love
07/18/2014 NORTH KOREA - CHINA
Pyongyang furious over viral Chinese video of Kim Jong-un dancing, singing and kung fu fighting
07/18/2014 CHINA - VATICAN
Beijing, seminarians desert graduation ceremony: We will not celebrate Mass with illegitimate bishops
07/18/2014 IRAQ
Baghdad patriarch: as the time for dialogue is no more, Christians flee Mosul
07/18/2014 INDIA
Bangalore, 17 year old novice gang raped
by Nirmala Carvalho
07/22/2014 INDONESIA
More than a thousand Indonesian supporters "ready to fight" for ISIS in Syria and Iraq
by Mathias Hariyadi
07/21/2014 IRAQ
Baghdad’s Muslims show solidarity with Christians
by Thomas Tammo
07/19/2014 INDIA
Uttar Pradesh, Church of the Nazarene attacked: Pastor and faithful beaten
by Nirmala Carvalho
07/18/2014 VATICAN - ISLAM
Christians and Muslims should work fraternally for "justice, peace and respect for the rights and dignity of every person"


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