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12/01/2015 MYANMAR
Shan, gunmen kidnap 50 civilians. Thousands flee fighting.
by Francis Khoo Thwe
The raid took place amid clashes in an area of conflict between the Burmese army and rebel militias. Identity of the assailants unknown. Shan militias are among those who have not signed a ceasefire with the outgoing national government. Activists warn of war crimes. Burmese Cardinal: "Peace, priority of the new NLD led government ".
Yangon (AsiaNews) - A group of unidentified armed men has raided a village in Shan State in eastern Myanmar, seizing 50 men. It comes amid increasing violence in the area; human...

12/01/2015 CHINA
IMF welcomes inclusion of the yuan among reserve currencies
China’s currency joins club of dollar, euro, yen and pound. Together they decide special withdrawal rights from international organization’s reserves. The decision will take effect from 1 October 2016.
11/30/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh’s only Catholic weekly, "a love letter to the Church"
by Sumon Corraya
The Catholic community is marking the 75th anniversary of Pratibeshi, a weekly founded in 1940. Run by the Office for Social Communications of the Bishops Conference, the paper is a member of the World Catholic Association for Communication. Its 8,000 copies are available in Bangladesh and abroad. For Mgr Gervas Rozario, “We publish it to serve people through the doctrine of the Church.”
11/30/2015 VATICAN
Pope tells Bartholomew I that the necessary conditions for the restoration of unity between Catholics and Orthodox exist
Francis issues a message for the feast day of Saint Andrew, patron of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Although not all the differences have been overcome, "there is no longer any impediment to Eucharistic communion" between Catholics and Orthodox, “which cannot be overcome through prayer, the purification of hearts, dialogue and the affirmation of truth."
11/30/2015 VIETNAM
Land of 444 martyrs, Bà Ria gets a new bishop, local Catholics rejoice
by Thanh Thuy
​Pope Francis named Emmanuel Nguyễn Sơn Hồng as the new bishop on Friday. Trained in Paris dogmatic theology, the priest becomes auxiliary bishop in the southern Vietnamese diocese whose history goes back 300 years. In 1862, Vietnamese imperial troops burnt down local prisons when the French attacked.

11/30/2015 INDIA
Parliament set to focus on growing intolerance in winter session
Opposition leaders have planned discussions on the growing intolerance in both houses. Bollywood stars are concerned about the climate of violence. Interior Minister unleashes political reactions for saying that Ambedkar did not consider it "necessary" to include the term "secularism" and "socialism" in the Constitution.
Fr Piero Parolari is back in Italy, out of danger, but in need of a lengthy treatment
Extremists attacked the missionary with the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions on 18 November. Admitted this morning to Rome’s Bambin Gesù Hospital, he will required long-term care.
11/30/2015 TURKEY
Diyarbakir: the murder of lawyer activist Tahir Elçi fuels conflict between Turks and Kurds
Tens of thousands of people mourn yesterday at the lawyer’s funeral. The Turkish government says it will catch and prosecute the perpetrators, but Kurds are sceptical. Fears grow that the conflict will escalate. “The situation is very bad, but I’m afraid that it will be worse,” Elçi said in one of his last interviews.
11/30/2015 VATICAN - CAR
Pope to Bangui, sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims "disfigures the face of God"
Francis visits Kaudoukou mosque and says " no to hatred, no to revenge and no to violence, particularly that violence which is perpetrated in the name of a religion or of God himself. God is peace, God salam". At Mass he calls on faithful to carry on work of missionaries, looking at '' other side '. "Every baptized person must continually break with the old man, sinful man, always ready to awaken to the call of the devil."
11/30/2015 INDONESIA
Muslim businessman proposes Bali as "sharia" tourism destination
by Mathias Hariyadi
The chairman of the Sharia Economic Society has proposed the creation of specific services in accordance with Muslim law in the most visited Indonesian island. The idea, he says, works from an economic standpoint because it attracts visitors requiring "halal services". Numerous criticisms have been raised in the archipelago: "Do not ruin Bali, a place of tolerance and encounter".
11/30/2015 IRAQ – VATICAN
Amid violence and persecution, mercy is the Christian way, says Patriarch Sako
by Louis Raphael I Sako*
The Chaldean patriarch issues a pastoral letter for the beginning of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. It is the way forward in times of trial and suffering. It is not “a vague ideal,” but a "dynamic behavior “in the light of faith" and “in the manner of Jesus." Martyrdom is charism of the Eastern Church. Muslims are invited to work together "in peace and harmony."
11/30/2015 FRANCE - UN
Paris: difficult negotiations underway in COP21 on climate change
The goal of the 21st Conference of the Parties is to reduce global warming by 2 degrees Celsius. But less developed countries complain that the limit is not sufficient to ensure their economic development. Yesterday peaceful climate march marred by clashes between thugs and the police. Hollande: "Scandalous events there where there are flowers, candles and other mementos in memory of the victims of the Paris attacks."
11/30/2015 SYRIA
Islamic State has executed over 3,500 people in Syria, more than 2 thousand civilians
According to updated data from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in the last month alone there have been 53 executions, including 35 civilians. The jihadists have also executed at least 103 women and 77 children. Among those civilians killed, many accused of witchcraft, homosexuality and collaborating with the enemy.
11/29/2015 VATICAN - CAR
Pope opens Holy Door in Bangui calls on Christians to be artisans of peace based on justice
"To all those who make unjust use of the weapons of this world, I make this appeal: lay down these instruments of death! Arm yourselves instead with righteousness, with love and mercy, the authentic guarantors of peace ." "The happiness promised by God is announced in terms of justice" and "the salvation of God also tastes of love."
11/29/2015 VATICAN -CAR
Pope to Bangui, "I come as a pilgrim of peace, and an apostle of hope"
Francis is in Bangui where, this afternoon, he will open the Holy Door of the cathedral. "Unity, dignity, work. Three words full of meaning. " "I would like particularly to draw the attention of everyone, citizens and national leaders, international partners and multinational societies, to their grave responsibility in making use of environmental resources". In a country torn apart by violence, the first visit dedicated to a refugee camp: "We must work and pray and do everything for peace, but peace without love, friendship, tolerance and forgiveness is not possible."

Altri articoli
11/28/2015 VATICAN - UGANDA
Pope calls on Ugandan youth to transform hatred into love, war into peace
11/28/2015 CHINA
Beijing denies entry visa to Miss Canada, she denounced the persecution of Falun Gong
11/28/2015 INDIA
Uttar Pradesh:Coca-cola needs to pack up and go
11/28/2015 ISRAEL
Galilee: first ordination of a Maronite priest in 100 years by Joan Maria Vernet Mateu, S.D.B.*
11/28/2015 VATICAN - UGANDA
Pope in Uganda: "worldly pleasures and earthly power do not bring lasting joy and peace"
11/28/2015 SINGAPORE
Singapore lifts ban on communism, but not on Jehovah's Witnesses
11/27/2015 VATICAN - UGANDA
Pope in Uganda: "The Martyrs, both Catholic and Anglican, are true national heroes"
11/27/2015 VATICAN - KENYA
Pope Kenya: extremism stems from lack of education and employment
11/27/2015 INDIA – KENYA
From Kenya to India: Catholic schools committed to educating the young by Nirmala Carvalho
11/27/2015 PAKISTAN
Pro-environment march unites Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs in Lahore by Kamran Chaudhry
11/27/2015 INDONESIA
Jakarta plans social policy to integrate disabled people by Mathias Hariyadi
11/27/2015 BANGLADESH
Religious intolerance growing in Bangladesh, but “it is not certain that ISIS is responsible”
11/27/2015 SAUDI ARABIA
Riyadh plans mass execution of 55 people in one day
11/27/2015 CHINA - THAILAND
Two Chinese dissidents forcibly repatriated and arrested
Editor's choices
Paris Massacre highlights the failure of Muslim integration in Europe
by Catherine FieldThe attack in the heart of France highlights the crisis of Europe’s model of coexistence. Social unrest, poverty and marginalisation feed youth extremism and radicalisation. A New Zealander journalist, expert on expertise in religion and interfaith dialogue, talks about it after undertaking a journey through the French Muslim world.
For Nîmes imam, Islam should not be held hostage by extremists
by Hochine DrouicheFrench imams condemn the Paris terrorist attacks and disassociate themselves from violence committed in "the name of our religion." At the same time, they ask Muslim communities to dare leading a life of dialogue and friendship with Europeans, without fear or arrogance. For centuries, Muslims have ruled out reason from their religious life. The vice president of French imams bears witness.
Top 10
11/25/2015 PAKISTAN
Karachi, masked men set Christian television station on fire
by Jibran Khan
11/24/2015 INDONESIA
Jakarta wants to reform the law on places of worship, fewer restrictions on building permits
by Mathias Hariyadi
11/25/2015 INDIA
"Mother Teresa" award to the widow of Pastor Graham Staines
by Nirmala Carvalho
11/26/2015 PAKISTAN
Sialkot, Muslim kidnaps 13 year old Christian girl and forces her to convert to Islam
by Jibran Khan
11/25/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladeshi inter-faith forum leader attacked
11/30/2015 INDONESIA
Muslim businessman proposes Bali as "sharia" tourism destination
by Mathias Hariyadi
With Gaza like a huge prison, Caritas Jerusalem is raising funds for Christmas gifts for Christians
11/27/2015 SAUDI ARABIA
Riyadh plans mass execution of 55 people in one day
11/26/2015 VATICAN – KENYA
Pope in Kenya: climate conference would be “catastrophic” if no global “transformational” agreement is reached
11/26/2015 VATICAN - KENYA
Pope in Kenya: never violence in God's name, call to mission and to create a just society


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