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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
03/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope: people can be "doctors of the law" without faith, without hope, without joy
During Mass at the Domus Sanctae Marthae, Francis Pope stressed that faith is joy and hope in Christ. Rules and casuistry are "an abstract world" without joy, faith, love, nor God.
Vatican City (AsiaNews) – One can "be a believer without joy and there is no joy when there is no faith, when there is no hope, when there is no law, but only rules and cold doctrine." By contrast, "the joy of faith, the joy of the Gospel is the touchstone of a...

03/26/2015 ISLAM
IS a violent response to the emptiness young Muslims feel in the West
Jihadists have focused their recruitment efforts among young people. In the past three months, IS has recruited some 400 minors. Alienated in and by their societies, many young Western Muslims seek to even the score. For PIME Islam expert, young people want an inclusive identity and references. Muslim scholar believes that the violent response stems from the Western world’s “emptiness”.
03/26/2015 INDIA
India’ Narendra Modi to speed up adoption of "anti-farmer" law
The Hindu nationalist-led government wants to change existing legislation to make it easier to expropriate land for large companies. To do so, the prime minister plans to employ a legislative measure only used three times since independence. For the opposition, this will promote divisions and social disharmony.
03/26/2015 KYRGYZSTAN
Ulema "excommunicate" Islamic State group in Kyrgyzstan
Top Central Asian Muslim clerics meet in Bishkek to condemn IS violence and reaffirm Islam’s true teachings. “We know that destabilisation threatens Central Asia,” one of them said. IS has been banned in Kyrgyzstan and its activities outlawed. Local authorities also detained a group of Tajiks trying to join the Islamist group, including children.
03/26/2015 TAIWAN
Taipei, Sapporo orchestra visits "Blessed Imelda" school: Thanks for help following tsunami
by Xin Yage
The famous symphonic orchestra begins a tour in the Catholic school to thank Taiwan for the aid delivered to Japan after the 11 March 2011 disaster. This tragedy, school leaders say, "has brought us closer together as brothers and friends".

03/26/2015 INDONESIA
Jakarta, hijab for policewomen gets go ahead to joy of extremist opposition
by Mathias Hariyadi
Gen. Haiti, Chief of police, has approved the use of hijab throughout the force. So far it was used only in Aceh, the only province where sharia is law. Satisfaction among members of the pro-Islamic parties. PKS politician: "Apex of a long battle."
03/26/2015 PHILIPPINES
Muslim and Christian leaders against prejudices, for “still possible” peace in Mindanao
Silsilah’s Inter Faith Council calls for peace and unity between Christians and Muslims in southern Philippines. Humility and wisdom are needed to promote collaboration, overcome differences and build a "pluralistic" society in the region.
03/26/2015 UZBEKISTAN
Uzbekistan set to re-elect Karimov in presidential vote
by Nina Achmatova
The elections will be held March 29 with no big surprises. The current president has been in power since well before independence from the USSR, but his succession is postponed by political elites who want to preserve the current corrupt system, that enriches few and marginalizes most.
03/26/2015 INDIA
West Bengal, death threats against a Catholic girls' school
by Nirmala Carvalho
The Sisters of the Child Mary have received letters in threatening to “burn the school and the local church” if they do not leave. The police step up security around the institute. Archbishop of Calcutta: "We do not know who is behind the threats, but we are not scared. The sisters will never leave their mission".
03/26/2015 YEMEN
Riyadh and the Gulf monarchies launch air raids against Houthi rebels
by Paul Dakiki
Operation "Firmness Storm" began today, targeting Sana'a and its international airport. Aden airport has been "liberated". Army units have joined the Houthi rebels. A war between Sunnis and Shiites, between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Manila accuses Beijing of wanting to control the entire South China Sea
Philippine Foreign Minister speaks of " China’s expansionist agenda" dominated by "massive" reclamation projects. Beijing’s "growing" activities aimed to affect the work of the UN international tribunal, convoked by Manila to resolve the dispute. China continues to claim sovereignty of the area.
03/25/2015 INDIA
Mumbai bishop: the Annunciation for unborn children and the needy
by Dominic Savio Fernandes*
Today the Indian Church celebrates its Pro-life Day. For Mumbai’s auxiliary bishop, every human being has “the imprint of God" and therefore should "be respected and treated with dignity and love." The tendency to evaluate people based on their utility drives people to "eliminate" the elderly, disabled, sick and those in need.
03/25/2015 CHINA
Zhejiang: Protestant clergyman jailed for opposing cross removal
Rev Yizi Huang is the first person to be convicted for trying to stop the removal of a cross. In Zhejiang province, local authorities have so far torn down at least 400 crosses and religious buildings.
03/25/2015 ITALY
We all need God's mercy
by Piero Gheddo
Francis’ call for a Holy Year dedicated to mercy shows that this issue is at the core of his pontificate. What he says and does should be interpreted in socio-political terms but as part of an effort to "re-evangelise" Europe, a key part of a more fruitful mission.
03/25/2015 NEPAL
Political uncertainty hampers Nepal’s economic growth
by Christopher Sharma
In its 2015 report, the Asian Development Bank ranks Nepal 132nd out of 147 countries in terms of competitiveness. Capital investments are limited and the government does not invest in growth. Political interference and frequent staff turnover are blamed.

Altri articoli
03/25/2015 SRI LANKA
Sri Lanka, appeal to government: freedom of expression and movement for Ruki Fernando by Melani Manel Perera
03/25/2015 CHINA
Beijing's last coal plant will close in 2016
03/25/2015 VATICAN
Pope: we must all pray for the Synod on the family, "the womb of human life."
03/25/2015 IRAN – ASIA
As the prospects for a nuclear deal improve, Asians line up for Iranian oil
03/25/2015 LEBANON – FRANCE
The feast of the Annunciation for Islamic-Christian friendship in Beirut and in France
03/25/2015 CHINA - JAPAN
Beijing invites Shinzo Abe to ceremonies for the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II
03/25/2015 MYANMAR
Myanmar, dozens of students on trial for protesting against education reform
03/24/2015 IRAN
Time for a deal with Tehran, a reliable partner against the Islamic State group by Bernardo Cervellera
03/24/2015 CHINA
The “endgame of communist rule has begun", a coup cannot be excluded
03/24/2015 AFGHANISTAN
Bomb kills five children, injures ten more, during cricket game
03/24/2015 INDONESIA
Authorities seize schoolbook that praises Islamic radicalism
03/24/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "May Holy Week will help us leave behind the temptation to be ‘Yes, but Christians...'"
03/24/2015 SINGAPORE
Archbishop of Singapore: The Catholic Church mourns death of Lee Kuan Yew
03/24/2015 SAUDI ARABIA
Saudi women will check men’s passports at airport
Editor's choices
BREAKING NEWS: Chinese police seize two priests in Mutanjiang
by Bernardo Cervellera
Nothing to toast between China and the Vatican: Beijing wants complete control
by Bernardo CervelleraFor the Global Times (the People's Daily) China does not like the "Vietnamese model" of agreed episcopal ordinations. The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s embarrassment in front of the Holy See’s countless efforts. China wants the Vatican to accept all excommunicated bishops and to keep silent on those who are underground and imprisoned. The case of Msgr. Cosma Shi Enxiang. Without religious freedom, diplomatic relations are pointless. The work of mission and the unity of Catholics in China. A task for Xi Jinping: implement the anti-corruption campaign in the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Patriotic Association, which have grown rich over the decades on the backs of Christians.
Top 10
03/24/2015 INDONESIA
Authorities seize schoolbook that praises Islamic radicalism
03/23/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Where there is no mercy, there is no justice, not even in the Church
03/20/2015 AFGHANISTAN
Afghanistan, woman beaten to death for burning Koran pages
03/22/2015 CHINA - VATICAN
BREAKING NEWS: Chinese police seize two priests in Mutanjiang
by Bernardo Cervellera
03/24/2015 PAKISTAN
Attacks in Lahore, police arrest 200 Christians
by Jibran Khan
03/21/2015 PHILIPPINES
Filipino priest: Youth as online “agents of peace” to counter Islamic State violence
03/20/2015 VATICAN
Pope says death penalty "is unacceptable," offends the dignity of life and "contradicts God's plan"
03/20/2015 NEPAL
Thousands of Nepali women "disappear" in the byways of human trafficking
by Christopher Sharma
03/24/2015 IRAN
Time for a deal with Tehran, a reliable partner against the Islamic State group
by Bernardo Cervellera
03/20/2015 VATICAN - JAPAN
In a blessed meeting, the pope encouraged us to follow our path, said Niigata bishop
by Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi


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