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Aylan’s death and that of the Middle East
by Bernardo Cervellera
The death of a child from a sinking boat off the Turkish coast has moved the whole world, but lest we forget, thousands more have already died in Syria’s war. The refugee problem must be addressed but so do the causes that have led to this tragedy, namely Mideast wars, funding the Islamic State group, and proxies acting on behalf of regional and world powers.
ROME (AsiaNews) – Like others, we too mourn the death of the three-year-old boy who drown with his younger brother during an attempt to cross from Turkey into Greece, his body stranded on a beach in Bodrum, where other people normally play, swim and...

09/03/2015 HONG KONG - ASIA
Liver transplant highlights organ donation
Hong Kong homemaker gave two-thirds of her liver to husband. Organ donation is rare in East Asia and in a recent case, the family of a dead patient refused to donate his organs. The Catholic Church has led the way in promoting the practice in South Korea where donations are rising thanks to the example of the late Cardinal Kim.
09/03/2015 INDIA
For Indian Jesuit, the Catholic Church stands with 150 million workers on strike against Modi
Fr Cedric Prakash explains why the country’s ten largest unions went on a general strike yesterday. Protesters oppose the privatisation of state-owned companies, exempting companies employing less than 40 workers from labour laws, and reducing the influence of labour unions.
09/03/2015 MIDDLE EAST
Wars in the Middle East and North Africa have deprived 13 million children of the right to an education
UN agency finds that some 9,000 schools have been destroyed in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya alone. The damage is not only physical. An entire generation is feeling “despair”. Over the next few months, more than half of children will not be able to go to school. Iraqi priest calls for education for refugee children.
09/03/2015 CHINA
Beijing parade as a display of Xi Jinping’s power
The impressive military exercise shows off China’s power but also and especially that of Xi Jinping who is president, party secretary and head of the Central Military Commission. In a sign of praise and in a renewed show of political unity, all of his predecessors are present. Some foreign heads of state and government attend the event as well. Despite purges and cuts (300,000 troops) to the military, the People’s Liberation Army Liberation remains loyal and ready to protect the peace.

09/03/2015 SRI LANKA
Tamils activist, released only months ago, back in prison despite innocence
Jeyakumari Balendaran was released on March 10 after a year in prison. Proof against her has never emerged. Latest charge is of stealing or having witnessed the theft of two mine detectors. Until September 16, she can be released on bail.
09/03/2015 INDIA
Karnataka faces worst drought in 40 years. Catholic Church launches aid
by Nirmala Carvalho
Serious damage to crops due to lack of monsoon rains. Poor farmers migrate to towns. Chief Minister of the State prohibits furloughs for employees and requests the Administration to provide jobs. Msgr. D'Souza: "Catholic Dalits are those who suffer most."
09/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Wonder of encountering Jesus opens hearts, calculations close them
At Mass in Santa Marta Francis speaks of the Gospel of the miraculous catch and invites participants to recognize themselves as sinners "not in theory, in practice" and to recognize the Savior. The Lord "forgives even those who deny him, if they have the grace of this double confession: You are God, I am a sinner."
09/03/2015 INDONESIA
West Java, Franciscan missionary translates "Laudato Sì" into Indonesian
by Mathias Hariyadi
Fr. Martin Harun, of Dutch origin, wanted to translate the document "to express gratitude to God" and "respect" for the Pope. The text, welcomed "with enthusiasm" by the faithful, is available on the Indonesian Bishops' Conference website. As a basic text he used the French, comparing it to the Italian and German version.
09/03/2015 YEMEN
Sanaa: Islamic State attacks Houthi mosques, 28 dead and dozens wounded
The jihadist group has claimed responsibility for the double attack on the place of worship of the minority Shiite. First a suicide bomber, then a car bomb resulting in the slaughter of civilians. Fifth mosque attack in two months in the Yemeni capital. In recent days two International Red Cross workers killed.
09/02/2015 INDIA
Thousands of Odisha pogrom survivors accuse the BJP of protecting religious terrorism
The Kandhamal Nyaya Shanti Samaj O Sadbhabana, an association that represents survivors, organised a rally to demand justice for the 2008 pogrom victims. In a letter to the president of India, the group describes the compensation given to survivors as puny. Communist leader says the ruling BJP does not represent the Hindu majority.
09/02/2015 VIETNAM
For Xuan Loc coadjutor, the future theological institute is a milestone in Vietnamese Church’s growth
For Mgr Joseph Dinh Duc Dao, president of the Episcopal Commission for Education, the establishment of a Catholic university confirms the vitality of Vietnam’s Church, providing a venue for theological research and dialogue with other religions and the government. For the bishop, it will also allow Vietnamese Catholics to follow Pope Francis and bring the “joy of faith” to the edges of society.
09/02/2015 CHINA – HONG KONG
China and the Cross, a history of miracles that conquer demolitions
The symbol of the Christian religion appeared in the sky over China many times in past centuries. Official documents held at the Roman College contain the stories of those who saw the bright cross. Given these facts, even if the government takes down the crosses, what prevents them from reappearing?
09/02/2015 CHINA
Xi Jinping’s military shows off muscles to hide economic troubles
The parade in central Beijing will include some 12,000 troops, 200 fighter jets and new weapons systems. Putin, Park Geun-hye and Ban Ki-moon will be present; Western leaders will not. President Xi is expected to make a major announcement concerning the military. Monkeys, falcons and dogs have been deployed to scare birds from the planes’ flight path.
09/02/2015 BANGLADESH
Muslims, Hindus and Christians pay homage to Catholic doctor Edric Baker
by Sumon Corraya
The New Zealand native died yesterday at the age of 74. In Bangladesh, he founded the Kaliakuri Health Care Project in Tangail District. During his 35 years of service, he took care of the country’s poor. For the bishop of Mymensingh, "he was an example of how we can sincerely take to heart caring for people.” A documentary by a producer working for state television raised his profile, and led the government to grant him Bangladeshi citizenship.

Altri articoli
09/02/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Never again war, the plea of minorities and persecuted Christians
09/02/2015 SINGAPORE
Singapore elections: Church tells Catholics to cast a moral and responsible ballot
09/02/2015 THAILAND
Second Bangkok bombing suspect arrested, an ethnic Uyghur
09/02/2015 MYANMAR
Electoral Commission rejects candidacy of Muslim leaders
09/02/2015 CHINA
The US calls on Beijing to "immediately" release jailed Christian lawyer and pastors
09/02/2015 LEBANON
Police clear "You stink" occupants from environment ministry by Paul Dakiki
09/01/2015 VATICAN
Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation in St Peter's Basilica
09/01/2015 NEPAL
Activists slam government for ignoring 1,400 civil war victims still missing by Christopher Sharma
09/01/2015 HONG KONG – CHINA
Hong Kong Kuomintang exhibit reopens the debate on the war with Japan
09/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope stresses Jubilee, God’s tenderness for women who had an abortion, Lefebvrians, prisoners, the sick
Dhaka: Urban and tribal cultures can meet the goals set by Laudato si’ by Sumon Corraya
09/01/2015 INDIA
India feels China crisis, as growth halts at 7%
09/01/2015 THAILAND
Bangkok bomb: police pocket reward as investigations flounder
09/01/2015 MYANMAR
Myanmar president signs (anti-Muslim) law that bans polygamy
Editor's choices
Card. Toppo: Learning to take care of the earth and its inhabitants from India’s tribals
by Nirmala CarvalhoThe Archbishop of Ranchi, speaks to AsiaNews ahead of the World Day of Prayer for the care of creation (1 September). The nation is home to "more than one million tribal Catholic, and in our culture we respect nature and will celebrate its gifts." Today "to be true witnesses of Christ, we must respond to the ecological crisis through a deep spiritual conversion."
Fr. Samir of Amadiya: The Pope is the voice of Iraqi refugees
by Bernardo CervelleraThe Chaldean priest met Pope Francis, asking him to keep the world’s focus on Christian refugees from Mosul and the Nineveh Plain. His diocese is home to 3500 Christian families and almost half a million Yazidis who fled Islamic State violence. ISIS is not all Islam and there are Muslims who want an Iraq of coexistence. Christians might not emigrate, but remain in their own land. Aid projects for refugees: school for children, work for adults, a home for every family. An appeal to AsiaNews.
Top 10
08/28/2015 VATICAN - IRAQ
Fr. Samir of Amadiya: The Pope is the voice of Iraqi refugees
by Bernardo Cervellera
09/02/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Never again war, the plea of minorities and persecuted Christians
Bartholomew I and Catholics together on World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation
08/31/2015 INDIA
Card. Toppo: Learning to take care of the earth and its inhabitants from India’s tribals
by Nirmala Carvalho
09/02/2015 BANGLADESH
Muslims, Hindus and Christians pay homage to Catholic doctor Edric Baker
by Sumon Corraya
09/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope stresses Jubilee, God’s tenderness for women who had an abortion, Lefebvrians, prisoners, the sick
08/28/2015 CHINA
Christian lawyer arrested over his involvement against cross removals in Zhejiang
08/30/2015 VATICAN
For pope, the blessed martyr Flavianus Michael Malke can bring “consolation” to persecuted Mideast Christians
08/28/2015 RUSSIA
The Cossacks of St. Petersburg remove bas-relief of Mephistopheles from historic building
by Nina Achmatova
08/28/2015 KAZAKHSTAN
Agreement on a new international nuclear bank signed in Kazakhstan


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