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07/31/2015 INDIA
Following rape, abortion allowed for six-month pregnant girl, but the child “is innocent"
by Dominic Savio Fernandes
The Supreme Court of India will allow a 14-year-old girl to have an abortion, although she is in the 25th week of her pregnancy. As per law, abortion beyond 20 weeks is not allowed. When “rape ends in pregnancy – it is like rubbing salt to injury,” Mumbai’s auxiliary bishop told AsiaNews. However, “A child conceived by rape is innocent.” For him, “The child should be allowed to be born, and then be entrusted to an orphanage.”
Mumbai (AsiaNews) – The Supreme Court of India granted a 14-year-old rape victim the right to abort her child, which was the result of rape. Under Indian law, abortion beyond 20 weeks is not allowed. The girl is said to be 25 weeks pregnant. Her rapist, Jatin Mehta, is a doctor and is already in prison. After the High Court of Gujarat turned down an application for...

07/31/2015 MYANMAR
Floods kill scores, displace hundreds of thousand
Severe weather has whipped the country since 16 July, especially the north and the west. Villages and mountainous areas are still inaccessible because of landslides and mudslides. The military has been deployed to help the population.
07/31/2015 NEPAL
Petition in favour of the rhino as Nepal’s symbol in lieu of the cow
by Christopher Sharma
Some members of the constituent assembly have come out against the cow as the nation’s symbol as suggested in the draft constitution currently under discussion. The cow is a Hindu symbol of prosperity, and the monetary value of a cow’s life is the same as that of a human being.
07/31/2015 THAILAND
Law banning commercial surrogacy takes effect
The Act to Protect Babies Born through Assisted Reproductive Technologies prohibits commercial surrogacy and the trade of sperm and eggs. The only people entitled to exploit assisted reproductive technology are thai childless, married, heterosexual couples.
07/31/2015 PHILIPPINES
Artists, donors and activists among 2015 Asia’s “Nobel Prize” winners
The winners came from India, Philippines, Laos, and Myanmar. The presentation ceremony for Ramon Magsaysay Award, will take place on August 31 in Manila. President of the Foundation says: “There is one thing this year’s Magsaysay laureates all share in common: a greatness of spirit that infuses their crusade for change.”

07/31/2015 CHINA
Beijing to host 2022 Winter Olympics
The IOC was faced with two starkly different choices: Beijing offers the experience and some venues from the 2008 Olympics, but lacks natural snow or winter conditions, while lesser-known Almaty boasts a mountain setting with plenty of natural snow.
07/31/2015 JAPAN
Bishop of Niigata hopes to see Japan build peace through development, not weapons
by Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi
The prelate, who chairs Caritas Asia, reflects on the meaning of peace before the ten days during which the Japanese Church commemorates the carnage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Whilst civil society groups oppose the abolition of Article 9, the prime minister speaks of urgent requests from the international community. The history of the country and its involvement with developing nations are its real contributions to human dignity and harmony in the world.
Cairo and Riyadh to develop military and economic relations
"The two sides stressed the need to exert all efforts to boost security and stability in the region, and to work together to protect Arab national security," including an Arab military force, the ‘Cairo Declaration’ states.
07/31/2015 TAIWAN – CHINA
Hundreds demonstrate against Education Ministry after student commits suicide
Lin Kuan-hua, 20, took his own life yesterday. He had been charged for breaking into the Education Ministry. The young man’s mother calls on students not to follow her son’s example. Students demand the resignation of Minister Wu Se-hwa.
Pyongyang holds a Protestant missionary for planning a theocracy in North Korea
Local authorities confirmed that they are holding Hyeon-Soo Lim, 60, who heads Toronto’s Light Korean Presbyterian Church. The pastor was detained on charges of planning to overthrow the regime to establish a religious state. North Korea’s official news agency reported his "confession".
Nablus: Palestinian child burnt alive after Israeli settlers set fire to home
by Joshua Lapide
The mother, the father and the eldest son, aged four, are injured, but safe. The settlers have left graffiti praising the "Vendetta" and the coming of the "Messiah". The Israeli army defines the gesture an act of "terrorism". In 2015 there were 120 attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied territories and East Jerusalem. Many settlers share a vision of radical Judaism who wants to "purify" the Land of Israel also by killing.
07/30/2015 MALAYSIA
Wreckage washed up on Reunion Island might belong to missing MH370 plane
The piece found is likely from the airliner that went missing more than a year ago. Search covering millions of kilometres yielded nothing. Bereaved families are still waiting for answers.
07/30/2015 SRI LANKA
The civil war did not stop Dilakshini’s yearning to study
by Melani Manel Perera
The 18-year-old Tamil woman talks about the horrors and consequences of ethnic conflict, including the loss of family, work, and home. Jobless parents cannot pay for their children’s education. Dilakshini dreams of becoming “a great woman and work for this society."
07/30/2015 CHINA
Zhejiang: 16 Protestants opposed to cross demolition detained
Believers and clergymen are held “on suspicion of ‘running an illegal business,’ ‘obstructing official duty,’ and ‘running secret accounting procedures’”. For their lawyer, the charges are “random stuff” when the real reason is “they refused to allow the cross to be taken down”.
07/30/2015 MYANMAR
Myanmar government releases 7,000 prisoners, but very few political prisoners
Announced today, the amnesty is the latest in a series of steps taken by Myanmar’s semi-civilian pro-reform government. Those released include 210 foreigners, 155 from China. For political activist, “around 40 or 50 political prisoners” will probably benefit.

Altri articoli
07/30/2015 PAKISTAN
Faisalabad diocese celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Parish of St Pius X by Skafique Khokhar
07/30/2015 JAPAN
Pop singers against the Abe government: no to war and nuclear energy
07/30/2015 TURKEY – SYRIA – IRAQ
Erdogan’s ambiguous policy and the beginning of the Turkish (and Kurdish) tragedy by NAT da Polis
07/30/2015 CHINA
Unofficial catholic community of Wenzhou speak out against forced demolition of Crosses, whole diocese fasting by Joseph Yuan
07/30/2015 ISRAEL - VATICAN
Two young Jewish extremists arrested over Church of Loaves and fishes arson in Tabgha by Joshua Lapide
07/29/2015 INDIA
Alarm waste in Mumbai: garbage overwhelms the metropolis
07/29/2015 NEPAL
Animal slaughter banned at Hindu feast of Gadhimai, goddess of power
07/29/2015 VIETNAM
Countless deaths in the ‘cancer villages’ around Ho Chi Minh City by Thanh Thuy
07/29/2015 KAZAKHSTAN
Nuclear fuel bank in Kazakh site under international control
07/29/2015 MYANMAR
Mouth cancer-causing betel use sets off alarm bells in Myanmar
Ankara using anti-Jihadi campaign to fight Kurdish autonomist desires
07/29/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh: more women forced to migrate to support their families
07/29/2015 RUSSIA
The dispute between Russia and Ukraine also involves the prince who Christianised Rus by Nina Achmatova
07/29/2015 CHINA
Gao Yu’s health deteriorates; 'I don’t want to die here',
Editor's choices
Unofficial catholic community of Wenzhou speak out against forced demolition of Crosses, whole diocese fasting
by Joseph YuanAfter 90-year-old Bishop Vincent Zhu Weifang of Wenzhou led 26 priests of the open Church community to protest against the government’s act to demolish Crosses, Coadjutor Bishop James Shao Zhumin of Wenzhou also led his priests to issue an open statement “Strongly demand a halt to demolish Crosses on all churches.
Wenzhou: 90-year-old bishop and 26 priests protest against cross demolitions
by Joseph YuanThis is not the first time that the old bishop and his priests speak out against the demolition campaign against crosses and churches, which has touched more than 400 buildings. During the protest, police tried to disperse the group, which sought to submit a petition. The faithful recite a Crown of the Divine Mercy is in support of the Chinese Church. In Lishui, churches are expected to be torn down by 31 August.
Top 10
A new anti-discrimination law is a step forward in terms of religious freedom
by Samir Khalil Samir
07/26/2015 VATICAN-SYRIA
Pope: urgent appeal for the release of Fr. Dall'Oglio, kidnapped two years ago in Syria
07/28/2015 CHINA
Christians respond to demolitions in Zhejiang with a ‘Make and carry the cross" campaign
07/24/2015 CHINA
Wenzhou: 90-year-old bishop and 26 priests protest against cross demolitions
by Joseph Yuan
07/25/2015 THAILAND
Thai surrogate mother refuses to entrust newborn to homosexual couple
07/25/2015 BANGLADESH
Mymensingh: Christian and Muslim students mourn Fr. Bakul, a missionary and "life master"
by Sumon Corraya
For the pope, euthanasia is what “mafiosi do. There is a problem: we get rid of this guy . . .”
07/24/2015 TAIWAN
Thirty students arrested in Taipei for protesting China-centric education
07/28/2015 CAMBODIA
Cambodia’s new NGO law is an opportunity to “promote clarity”
07/24/2015 IRAQ
Baghdad’s auxiliary bishop praises children’s prayers for peace in an Iraq engulfed in blood and violence


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