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07/30/2015 PAKISTAN
Faisalabad diocese celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Parish of St Pius X
by Skafique Khokhar
Fr Pius Corbelini inaugurated the church in 1940. The current bishop, who led the anniversary celebrations, explained the role he and his priests play, as well as the religious path the faithful must follow, and the importance of children education. He also talked about spreading the Gospel and helping the local community.
Karachi (AsiaNews) – “And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church,” Jesus said to Peter. In view of this, “We must carry out faithfully the mission of Jesus Christ," said Mgr Arshad Joseph, bishop of Faisalabad, as he greeted hundreds...

07/30/2015 JAPAN
Pop singers against the Abe government: no to war and nuclear energy
The group's name is Seifuku Kojo Iinkai, girl group idol of young girls. Compared to Bob Dylan for their committed lyrics, the girls were stopped at a concert in which chanting for the overthrow of the current government.
07/30/2015 TURKEY – SYRIA – IRAQ
Erdogan’s ambiguous policy and the beginning of the Turkish (and Kurdish) tragedy
by NAT da Polis
Air strikes against IS in Syria and PKK targets in northern Iraq are a last ditch attempt to save Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman policies. A great game is being played out in the Middle East to redesign the borders between Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. The United States also seems to be using IS. The Incirlik air bases is part of the bargaining between Washington and Ankara.
07/30/2015 ISRAEL - VATICAN
Two young Jewish extremists arrested over Church of Loaves and fishes arson in Tabgha
by Joshua Lapide
Yinon Reuveni, 20, carried out the arson attack with the help of Yehuda Asraf, 19. Reuveni "sees Christians as idol worshippers and their destruction as a mitzvah”. Christian churches ask for changes to teaching curricula, which are often laden with racist content and intolerance.
07/29/2015 INDIA
Alarm waste in Mumbai: garbage overwhelms the metropolis
The occupied area could accomodate houses worth $4.4 billions and give shelter to the 6.5 million slum dwellers. Trash mountain of Deonar dump site (the ancientest) is twice taller than the White House.

07/29/2015 NEPAL
Animal slaughter banned at Hindu feast of Gadhimai, goddess of power
The Gadhimai Festival is held every five years and brings in millions of pilgrims from India and Nepal. In 2009, 500,000 buffaloes, goats and chickens were killed. In 2014, the number dropped after a ruling by the Indian Supreme Court banning livestock movement between the two countries.
07/29/2015 VIETNAM
Countless deaths in the ‘cancer villages’ around Ho Chi Minh City
by Thanh Thuy
The towns and villages around southern Vietnam’s largest city are full of landfills and dumps, where large companies unload materials full of mercury, iron and chemicals. The pollution causes damage to the ground and in people, provoking a cancer epidemic.
07/29/2015 KAZAKHSTAN
Nuclear fuel bank in Kazakh site under international control
Located in eastern Kazakhstan, the IAEA LEU Bank will be under the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Its goal is to prevent nuclear proliferation by countries like Iran. The facility will be a physical reserve of up to 90 tonnes of LEU. Members requesting LEU will have to respect tight rules.
07/29/2015 MYANMAR
Mouth cancer-causing betel use sets off alarm bells in Myanmar
The international medical community warns of the side effects of this stimulant. Although it is traditionally used to suppress hunger, it can cause cancer to the mouth, which accounts for a fifth of all of cancer cases.
Ankara using anti-Jihadi campaign to fight Kurdish autonomist desires
Erdogan is really worried about the possible declaration of a Kurdish state. The president, who is probably thinking about early elections, claims that some lawmakers from the Kurdish-based HDP party have links to Kurdish terrorists in the PKK. The HDP’s success at the polls in June prevented the ruling party from having an absolute majority. Turkey and the United States confirmed their intention of creating a 90-km long "IS-free zone" inside Syria.
07/29/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh: more women forced to migrate to support their families
Total migration has declined by 30 percent from 2012 to 2014. However, female migration has redoubled: from 37,304 to 76,007. First destinations are UAE and Lebanon. Saudi Arabia stays as first choice for all Bangladeshi migrants.
07/29/2015 RUSSIA
The dispute between Russia and Ukraine also involves the prince who Christianised Rus
by Nina Achmatova
Yesterday marked 1,000 years since the death of Prince Vladimir, who in 988 chose Christianity for Kievan Rus. For Putin, he led to the rise of Russia as a centralised state and the source of Russia’s development as a unique country and civilisation. For Poroshenko, his choice for Christianity was European in orientation. Meanwhile in Moscow, the prince’s controversial statue could be placed in a square in front of the former KGB headquarters, a symbol of past repression.
07/29/2015 CHINA
Gao Yu’s health deteriorates; 'I don’t want to die here',
Brother says her heart disease is life-threatening and any delays to treatment could cost her life.
07/29/2015 ISRAEL-USA
Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard will be released by the US in November
by Joshua Lapide
The 60-year-old analyst from Texas, son from Jewish parents, transferred volumes of sensitive information to Israel. Accused of espionage, in 1985 sought refuge in the Israeli Emabssy, but was rejected. In '96, Tel Aviv granted him the Israeli citizenship and admitted that he was a spy on their payroll. He will remain in the US for five years on probation. No link with the Iran-US nuclear accord.
07/28/2015 SRI LANKA
Injustice is still the lot of many of Sri Lanka’s war widows
by Melani Manel Perera
Although the country’s civil war ended many years ago, the legacy of the bloody conflict between the government and Tamil rebels is still felt. Refugees are still forced to move as the government seizes their lands. The latest trend has been to use farmland for tourist development. The net effect of the situation is that refugee children have easy access to drugs but no access to education. After 100 days in power, “we expected something better” from President Sirisena.

Altri articoli
07/28/2015 INDONESIA
Christians and Buddhists celebrate the end of Ramadan to fight violence with peace
07/28/2015 INDIA
India mourns Abdul Kalam, the "people's president" who opposed the death penalty
07/28/2015 PHILIPPINES
Climate advocates hit Aquino for ‘dirty’ energy dependence
07/28/2015 SAUDI ARABIA
Second Saudi execution after Ramadan
07/28/2015 PAKISTAN
Court convicts five in attack against vigil honouring Taseer, killed because he had defended Asia Bibi
07/28/2015 CAMBODIA
Cambodia’s new NGO law is an opportunity to “promote clarity”
07/28/2015 INDIA
The cold-blooded killing of a Christian “Maoist” couple brings back fears of pogrom in Kandhamal by Nirmala Carvalho
07/28/2015 LIBYA
Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam sentenced to death in absentia
07/28/2015 CHINA
Christians respond to demolitions in Zhejiang with a ‘Make and carry the cross" campaign
07/28/2015 CHINA-HONG KONG
China shares continue to fall, despite the assurances of the government
07/27/2015 INDIA - PAKISTAN
Punjab terrorist attack: 12-hour siege claims nine lives
07/27/2015 CHINA
China shares fall more than 8% on growth concerns
07/27/2015 JAPAN
Battle over peace “reopens old wounds that never healed”
07/27/2015 TURKEY – SYRIA – IRAQ
Ankara changing strategy vis-à-vis the Islamic state and the Kurds at NATO meeting by Sami Osman
Editor's choices
After nuclear deal, Israel ought to become Iran’s best ally
by Uri AvneryThis is the thesis of Uri Avnery, leader of Gush Shalom, a major supporter of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. According to the great statesman and peace activist, Iran only wants to be a regional power in the Islamic world, able to trade with everyone, inspired by a sophisticated experience that goes back thousands of years. Iran, which faces backward-looking Gulf monarchies and emirates, could be a great ally against Daesh. Meanwhile in Israel Netanyahu, politicians and the media continue to blunder.
PIME in China: new men in new facilities
by Piero GheddoThe mission in China is possible. It should focus more on educational facilities. Old and new martyrs offer a role model. Here is a commented review of a letter the PIME superior general sent out to his confreres after a trip to China.
Top 10
07/23/2015 RUSSIA
Cossacks attack, throw stones at Jehovah's Witnesses
by Nina Achmatova
07/23/2015 ISRAEL - IRAN
After nuclear deal, Israel ought to become Iran’s best ally
by Uri Avnery
A new anti-discrimination law is a step forward in terms of religious freedom
by Samir Khalil Samir
07/26/2015 VATICAN-SYRIA
Pope: urgent appeal for the release of Fr. Dall'Oglio, kidnapped two years ago in Syria
07/23/2015 ASIA
PIME in China: new men in new facilities
by Piero Gheddo
07/25/2015 THAILAND
Thai surrogate mother refuses to entrust newborn to homosexual couple
07/24/2015 CHINA
Wenzhou: 90-year-old bishop and 26 priests protest against cross demolitions
by Joseph Yuan
07/28/2015 CHINA
Christians respond to demolitions in Zhejiang with a ‘Make and carry the cross" campaign
For the pope, euthanasia is what “mafiosi do. There is a problem: we get rid of this guy . . .”
07/25/2015 BANGLADESH
Mymensingh: Christian and Muslim students mourn Fr. Bakul, a missionary and "life master"
by Sumon Corraya


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